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How To: Curl Relaxed Hair with No Heat

Creating curls on relaxed hair without heat can definitely be achieved. There are some great and easy ways to create this look. The methods listed below are great for anyone wanting to limit their use of heat for multiple reasons, especially for the health of their hair.

Method #1: Single Braids


You can create beautiful curls and waves using the single braid method on dry hair. Take sections of your hair and create large or smaller braids. You can braid each section tightly or more loosely. The tighter the braids, the more tightly the curl and waves will be. Do this method before bed and sleep with the braids in overnight. Take them out in the morning and you will have great curls without having to use heat. If you choose to do this method during the day before going out, give your braids six to eight hours before taking them out.

Method #2: Cornrows

You can create wonderful curls and waves using the cornrow method. First and foremost, it is important to apply this method on dry hair only. This way you can achieve curls faster without waiting longer for the hair to dry. It will also minimize your chances of breaking the hair off if you were to do it on damp relaxed hair. Start your cornrows close to your hair line and braid them all the way to the back of your head. The smaller the cornrows, the more tight the curls are going to be. The larger the cornrows, the more loosely the curls and waves are going to be. Leave them in for five to seven hours before taking them out.

Method #3: Bun

You can create curls without heat on relaxed hair using the bun method. With air-dried hair, secure your hair with a hair-tie into a ponytail. After doing this, take the ponytail and twist it from the base all the way to the ends. Holding the ends you will wrap the ponytail around the hair-tie and secure it with bobby pins. It’s best to apply this method at night before going to bed. If you choose to do this in the day before going out, give your hair six to eight hours to form great curls.

Method #4: Hair Curlers


You can create really defined curls without heat using hair curlers! This is probably the most popular way to curl relaxed hair and has been a method used for years. Spray your relaxed hair with a moisturizer of your choice or product that will add sheen. Take sections of air-dried hair and quickly detangle each section with a comb or brush. Then take a hair curler of your preferred size and apply them to your relaxed hair. Leave the curlers in overnight or for six to eight hours if you choose to do them during the day before an event. Once you take them out, you see great results.

Method #5: Bra strap

You can create some really nice curls using the bra strap method. Get a bra strap or a headband in bra strap size. Brush your dry relaxed hair down to how it naturally falls. Place the bra strap around the crown of your head on top of the hair (the bra strap must rest above the ears). Then take each portion of your relaxed hair and wrap it around the bra strap firmly. Once this is done, cover your hair with a scarf and go to bed with it in. Take it out in the morning and you will have achieved nice curls and waves.

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