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A Double Processed Disaster


Posted February 28, 2012 by

I have been doing my hair myself for about 30 years.  I would occasionally go to a hair salon for a cut after braids or new style.  I permed and colored it myself.  I recently decided to start going to a salon to treat myself.  I found a hair stylist who did a good job on my hair.  My teenage daughter even liked the way she did her hair.  Well, one day I went and needed my roots colored but was convinced she could do both a touch up and my roots.  Well, I have thick hair that is just above my shoulders.  This is……. until the touch-up.  Half of my hair fell out.  It broke off in patches and I have been forced to wear my hair in a ponytail to cover the patches.  I have sections of inch long hair and sections of the regular length.  I was in shock for a week!  My stylist is now giving me free treatments to help strengthen my hair.


-Shelia Clement

Hair Horror



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