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Bird’s Nest Syndrome


Posted February 10, 2012 by

Recently, I was washing my hair and conditioning it after have french braids in my hair.  After I washed it my hair looked okay.  But, after I put a conditioner on it and sat under the dryer my hair matted up like cat or dog fur.  The ends on the top of my head had disappeared and had rolled up and matted up.  My hair had evidently had a chemical reaction to the products that I was using. (bird nest syndrome)  I tried for the next three weeks to untangle it to no avail. Everyone was trying to tell me what to use and none of these things worked either.  I even went on line and a suggestion was to use Wd-40.  I used that on a small section but that didn’t work either.  Eventually, I had to cut the mats out. Thank goodness for wigs.

Hair Horror



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