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From Classy to Patchy


Posted February 23, 2012 by

I was still at varsity and had a few bucks to do my hair; I went into a backstreet salon and opted for the cheapest unknown relaxer. The products smelled funny and burned me instantly.

But I bared the brunt and relaxed my hair anyway. Needless to say my hair was shining and it looked rich and textured. But the funny thing is I was scratching constantly as it was very itchy and the more I scratched the more I realised I was creating patches.

I literally pulled out hair by hair just by mere touching it. I had just met a sexy man and my hair was a constant threat, he remarked once that I look as though I’m wearing a beret.

At the end of the day, I had to wash my hair and I was left with wifts and patches of hair, I cried for days and had to wear a hat until I had money to have it professionally cut.

That I believe was the most nightmarish hair story.


Hair Horror



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