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Jheri Curl Horrors


Posted February 9, 2012 by

Well…I had a curl for ten years, yes ten years. Decided to go natural. Got tired of the 4 hours it took in the shop. I have that coarse, springy hair. Looks like it’s an inch, pull it out and it’s five. Anyway, it was so unmanageable, it was thick and unruly. So I put a kiddie perm in it to soften it up. Nothing happened, still hard and thick. So after two weeks, I put another little bit in and MY HAIR BROKE OFF DOWN TO ABOUT ONE INCH!!! After conditioning it and air drying it I began to comb and it came out in bunches! Now I look like my brother and have bought a wig! And guess, what? It is still thick and unruly!! I still wear the wig and I am sick of that. I am used to having shoulder length hair to pull back into the workday bun. Now I have nothing!! And to top it all off, I’m embarrassed to go back to my stylist after telling her that I’m going natural, it’ll be ok. Beware, sisters. Just let it grow out, cut a little off at a time, and otherwise, leave it alone!!!


Hair Horror



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