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Uneven Hair Growth


Posted February 10, 2012 by

It had been some time that I had my hair medium the back being styled like a bob and bangs that I would hide in the front with a side parting. I would alternate between braids and my natural hair. I would often trim my hair to keep it at the length I had it. Then came the day I wanted to grow it, being patient I did not trim it anymore. Before at times I would go out with wet styled hair. To ensure the growth of my hair I stopped doing that. Time passed and yet my hair wasn’t growing much. So I would cream it and tie it up in four  bun partings like in the good old days. Time passing I saw that it was gradually healthier and thicker and it had grown by inches. 6 months had passed. I permed my hair, it had grown in the front and in the back but that same day I was watching a show and I saw this actress with a short hair style and she looked fresh. That same day I made the decision to cut my hair real short. But it was a mistake, for two reasons. First two years down the road my hair has grown and I am wondering if I should cut it again, the second reason being that it wasn’t cut professionally. The length I have in the back is shaped as a ‘V’ the sides slightly shorter than the middle. Now what to do……


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