A Bleach Job Gone Wrong!

It took me three years to grow my hair evenly all around, so I can have an even bob. What I didn’t realize the comb I was using was literally cutting my hair on the sides. Everytime I washed my hair, I would comb it back, the Goodie comb I was using was cutting it off in the front. So I cut the front short and left the back long. I decided to go light brown on my relaxed hair. I bought some bleach from the hair store. I put it in then realized I needed more, so I left it in my hair and went to the store and bought more. This bleach was probably in my hair for an hour. By the time I finished with the bleach my hair was so fried there was nothing I could do with it. It would not straighten. Also I had missed some spots with the bleach so some of it was white blonde and some black. I eventually went to the beauty school. They shaved all my hair off to a short afro. While I was getting my hair shaved off ironicly a man was there getting his shoulder lenghth relaxed hair braided. I was humiliated. But unfortunately I didn’t learn to keep my hands out of my hair. This story will suffice for now.

-Marquell Hadley

Author: Hair Horror

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