A Trim Turns into a Major Cut!

I went to a salon to get my hair permed. At the time my hair was almost shoulder- length.  I asked the stylist to trim my hair. She kept messing up and clipping my hair unevenly so she had to keep clipping off more to try to get it even.  She kept messing up and clipping and messing up and clipping. Then she called another stylist over to help her. At this time I was getting very angry. I asked the second stylist “what is going on. I just wanted my hair trimmed.” The stylist was rude and said to me “we’ve it don’t worry about it.”  But she said it rudely.

I was so mad.

Finally, they were finished. I looked in the mirror and was devasted. I was almost bald according to how much hair i had before. The bad thing is it took me so long to try to grow my hair to the length it was and now I had almost none. I left the salon and started crying. I was in a bad mood for a the whole day and the rest of the month.

Now I’m trying to regrow my hair.


Author: Hair Horror

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  1. November 25, 2010 at 9:04 amf,/>AshaUn<ortunately it was just a fat old guy who pulled me over. At least I might have got a potential date out of if it has been a hot female cop. Yeah, I agree on the hanging on to youth part. But I think the more we hang on, the worse it actually makes it. Reply

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