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My hair was already in bad shape from about 9 years of wearing micro braids.  At first I was amazed at the length of my hair.  However I failed to realize how thin my hair had become.  When I finally paid attention to the thinness and not the length, I opted for a weave.  I have worn weaves for the past 2 years, thinking that I was giving my hair a rest.  However, my hair had become even thinner than before.  Three weeks ago, I went to Cancun.  I went snorkeling.  The weave matted and I went to the spa at the resort to have it taken out.  Well, after the young woman got all the weave out, I repeatedly told her that she would have to comb my hair out before she washed it; or it would mat up just like the weave.  When she
began combing my hair, I remarked how gentle she was.  I didn’t realize at the time, but she was combing my hair with her fingers.  After shampooing, I noticed that she kept putting conditioner in my hair.  Then a coworker came and started working on one side of my hair.  I heard my hair breaking and asked them what they were doing.  Neither spoke English very well, so I sat up and put my hands on the top of my head.  My hair was full of mats!  At the top of my hair, three separate sections of matted hair had matted together to form a “crown” of sorts.  The back and sides of my hair had also matted into separate mats.  All in all, I had about 13 different sections of matted hair.  What made the situation worse, was that each mat began about 1 inch from my scalp.  My hair was thin, but it was a little past my shoulders.  I went back to my room and tried everything I could think of to save my hair, baby oil, suntan oil, conditioner, nothing worked.  By the next morning, I just started tearing my hair out, so that I could leave my room to confront the spa owner.  The topping on the cake?
I still had one full day left in Cancun, before coming back to the states! Instead of going to the prepaid and non-refundable jungle excursion planned for our last day, I was in my room ripping my hair out until 2:00 p.m.  I still had the crown of mats left in the front, but I left the room and went to the spa and waited for the owner.  The girl who matted my hair
the day before was made to get the remaining mats out of my hair, but by then the damage was done.  I did not leave the spa until 8:00 p.m.  Yes, my hair was thin as could be before the matting incident, now it is as thin as could be and horrifically damaged!  I also had planned to do souvenir shopping on that last day there.  That didn’t happen either.  The only souvenir I brought home was the bag of hair that I had torn out of my head.

My advice:  Never let anyone do anything to your hair if they don’t speak your language.


Author: Hair Horror

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