Braids Gone Wrong

I went to 125 st. in Manhattan to get my braids taken out and re-braided.   It was my 3rd. time at this shop. The hairbraider literally pulled out my hair from the scalp, I have the bald spots to prove it.  It was after 4pm so I told her she could weave the back and braid the front, in order to finish faster. She gave me the most awful weave, the tracks were showing and so was the braids if the wind blew, which it did. I have pictures to show. Unfortunately, I didn’t see my hair fully before I left the salon becouse they actually rushed me out. I went back to the hair salon and she braided my hair over but this hairstyle looks extremely tacky and old along with my bald spots and unpermed hair it’s just horrible. All this for a $140 hairdo. This is literally a hair don’t.

Author: Hair Horror

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