Dominican Relaxer Disaster

After a year of wearing extensions, my hair had grown to the coveted “bra strap” back length, and was thick and healthy. Wellll…after admiring a friend’s hair, she told me she had gotten it done at the local dominican hair salon for a great price.  So, I decided to try it out.  I thought it would save me time (no appt. required) and money ($25).  And I decided, “What the heck, I’ll even let them relax it for me!”  BAD MOVE!!

I went the salon at opening time, and 10 women were already waiting.  So many women were coming, they were handing out number tickets – just like they give you at the DMV!  They had a 40 hair dryers, 10 styling booths and only 3 wash bowls.  They were herding us through there like cattle!! Okay, so needless to say, with 50+ women and only 3 wash bowls, there was a serious bottle-neck at the wash bowls.  After my stylist relaxed my hair, I couldn’t get my chance at the bowl and sat there forever with chemicals in my head.  Yes, I was getting concerned, but I thought “Surely they see me sitting here with relaxer in my hair, and surely, they won’t let it sit too long”.  WRONG.  Oh, my hair looked nice and flowing when I left, but the next day I started to see how much damage was really done! My long beautiful hair was so weak, it was coming out – all over my bathroom floor and in my hands when I would run my fingers through my hair.  So, after 10 months of multiple trimmings, protein treatments, and wet sets, I am down to about 4 inches of healthy hair – all of it new growth.  And the hair they relaxed?  All gone!!  Back to extensions I go! We’ll see what happens in a year. 🙁

-Nicole A. Bragg

Author: Hair Horror

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