Hair Down the Drain

I was going to a stylist for a year, well one day I wanted a change and called her and told her that I would like to add a couple of streaks to my hair and she agreed.  The day of my appointment my stylist forgot that I wanted streaks and she made up an entire batch of permanent color for hair, I asked her why so much just for streaks, well she thought I wanted my entire head colored; NO JUST STREAKS, but because she didn’t want to waste the batch of color she mixed up she begged me to let her do my entire hair, I really did not want that, but I trusted her and let her do it.  Well after all was said and done I was left looking like a skunk, IT WAS HORRIBLE.  I warned her before she added the color that my hair did not take well to permanent color, so anyway she told me that I could come back a week later and she would cover it up with a semi color and I did, then 2 weeks later a went back for my regular
treatment of a touch up perm and conditioning; and what do you think happened.  She put the perm in and rinsed it out, along with 50 to 60% of my hair; that’s right ALL MY HAIR DOWN THE DRAIN, I almost fainted, I was crying like a baby.

It took me a year to get my hair to the long length I wanted and 10 minutes for her to mess it up.  After all was said and done she guaranteed me she could fix it.  She would give me special treatments to stop the breakage, so I agreed, she offered to put in tracks so you could not see the damaged area, but I said NO, just the treatments to stop the breakage would do it.  Well I
went for 2 treatments and on the 3rd one she had nerve to charge me.  To make a long story short I sued her and won..  Next time I bet she will listen to her clients when they tell her
something.  NATURALLY YOURS HAIR SALON, Oakland, CA…

-Joshiya, San Leandro, CA

Author: Hair Horror

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