Half Relaxer – Half Jheri Curl!

Talking about hair horror, I have one for you!! When I was about 12 years old my mom was perming (straightening) my hair which was long and down right coarse.   Well, midway through she discovered she needed more than one box to finish.   So, instead of washing out what she had already done (with care not to wet the unpermed), and going to get another box, my dear, sweet, crazy, mother decided to mix what was left with her left over Jheri Curl relaxer!!!   So for those of you who don’t know the end……yeah it might have seemed to be a good idea until she began to wash it out of my hair.   I went from having long hair down my back to having more hair on my back than on my head!!!!  Just kidding, not quite that bad, but still a total nightmare.  I was at  such a terrible age,  I thought I would have to go to therapy.  However, thanks to my Auntie Ann and Fantastic Sam’s I was able to get an itty-bitty Leisure Curl.


Author: Hair Horror

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