Jheri Curl Tragedies

I have 2 horror stories to tell.  The first one was years back when the Jheri curl was out.  The stylist had been doing my hair for 8 years so I trusted him. I went to get a Jheri curl and this time it didn’t take.  He told me to not do anything to it for a month and come back to let him re-roll it.  Little did I know that I should have washed it, to take out any chemical that could have been left.  I followed his instructions because he told me that what little bit of curl that had taken would be washed out, so wait until I came back to him.   When he heated the curl solution I asked him why he was heating it and he told me it would lock the curls in better.   To make a long story short, when he washed out the solution, the curlers started dropping in the sink and so did my shoulder length hair.   The shop was full of ladies and he apologized so sincerely and promised he would work with me to grow my hair back. When I called for an appointment, he got really nasty and told me that my hair was gone and what the f–k did I expect him to do.  When it happened I didn’t even get angry because I know mistakes can happen.  This was a man that I went to for 8 years and thought we had a good beautician/ client repore, so I was very disappointed.

Second, my hair had grown back to my shoulder and I was working with a lady that talked me into getting my hair braided since my hair is thin and would not hold a curl in the Summer humidity.   I had an up do done with a bun on top of my head.   I didn’t know that you have to moisturize your hair up under the bun.   Needless to say when I took my hair out 2 weeks later my hair was completely bald in the middle where the bun sat.   I was so devastated and I am still 12 years later trying to get my hair to grow in the middle.

Needless to say I have had no chemicals in my hair for about 10-15 years.   God gave us the grade of hair He wanted us to have and we just need to be proud of it.   Stop using chemicals ladies, they are not good for your hair.



Author: Hair Horror

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