Lace Fronts Gone Bad

In September of 2006 I decided to try the front-lace wig.  I have in my lifetime , tried just about every type of weave there was and decided to try something different.  My wigs were ordered ($2750.00) and I was scheduled to come to a very well-known stylist in Baltimore, MD so that I could get it ‘professionally’ done.  First of all when I got there I was greeted by not the friendliest people in the world.  My stylist was 1 1/2 hrs late and when she finally came in she did not greet me, she just told me to sit in the back room.  When she showed me the wigs- they were matted tangled and was NOT the perm straight that I originally ordered they were european silky!   She cornrowed my hair and began to put the tape on my
hair, no stocking cap or anything.  By the time she was done (which my back was turned from the mirror the whole time) my head hurt and the front of the wig felt close to my eyebrows!  When I looked in the mirror finally, my hairline looked unnatural, the wig was on crooked and there was glue visibly everywhere.  Me being non-confrontational, smiled for her stupid camera and left.

Back home in Jersey I decided I was going to take the wig off and put it on correctly. I took of the wig starting with the edges, using the oil she gave me, then when I tried to take the full wig off, my cornrow ripped off of my scalp (about an inch) and rest is history.  I shaved my head and wore my hair natural for awhile.  I have not been in contact with this lady and never will.  My hair has grown back longer than before and I hope God has mercy on this excuse for a hair dresser.

Author: Hair Horror

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