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I don’t know much about hair but I decided it would be a good idea to give my hair a rest by getting a full head weave. I’m in college so the cost was a pretty big deal to me. I bought 2 $30 packs of tight wavy hair. The first problem was the store didn’t have my right color ($2) so I had to get a #4. The second problem was the woman doing my hair.  When she got to my house to do my hair she was eating a salad and told me that she had forgotten to buy the mesh cap necessary to do my hair. So I went out and bought it along with a few other select things she forgot to pickup. Now that we’ve got all the materials she proceeds to sew BOTH packs onto my tiny head. I looked like red headed Tina Turner and THEN SOME. If that
wasn’t bad enough the volume of the hair never went down like she promised it would but it did change in texture…TWICE.

The first time it changed was by turning into awkwardly spaced wavy curls. The curls looked nice but they were always tangling to look like huge matted dread locks. One day I thought it would be a great idea to get the curls a bit wet so they wouldn’t stick together so much. Well, this totally backfired and somehow my weave ended up matting on the TOP of my head. It literally looked like I have a horn with a flag coming out of it on the top of my head!!!! I had class that day so I had to cut down the horn (which was hard because it was as thick and hard as a tree branch) so nobody could see a lump in my head but it was still there if you touched it.

The second time was near the end of the weaves life and it started getting really tight curls at the ends like it was made of plastic or something. That was the last straw and I finally got the weave removed. It took me a day to cut it out without damaging my hair and when it did come off it looked like a little neglected dog. *sigh* It was a long 3 months!

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  1. Dear MMH, I have read so many hair horror stories but yours was the funniest, excuse me I really did chuckle. Please don’t do this to yourself again, wear protective styles as I’m doing now along with hot oil treatments, deep conditioning & natural hair rinses, keeping hair and scalp healthy. Stressing your hair that way can cause damage. Sometimes what works for others may not work for you. We all learn from trial and error. As you get older your hair changes, and I’m still learning what works for my older hair. I’m so glad for all these hair websites and YouTube videos they have helped me tremendously. I hope BHM incorporates more info on mature hair

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