Multilingual and Frustrated

I repeatedly asked for them to NOT put a part in my hair, for the braids to go straight back. They said, “They’ll be no part. Don’t worry. We have been doing this for 18 years. We know what we’re doing”. When it seemed like they were forming a part I said, “I said no parts!” an explained to them that I have a little head and hair around my face will further swallow my face. They said, “You must have never gotten box braids before. Just let me braid your hair” and “All box braids are like this”. I’ve gotten box braids before! I asked her to braid my hair going back and not the sides and she says, “I can’t braid like that”. After thirteen odd requests for my hair to not go to the sides but to flow to the back.

What happens?

I have a huge part in the middle of my head. I am so frustrated I started crying. The braiders absolutely stopped listening to me. I went to the manager and she ordered them to rebraid the front of my hair. They took the very front around the part and rebraided it. BUT the front was five rows and they thought they could just make the front row of braids to
cover the part. I complained again and then they rebraided the second and third rows. This was fine. Well, no it’s not.

This was my worst experience of 2008.  This was the rudest staff encountered in hair dressing.

The women speak French and they talk about the customers negatively in French. How do I know, I KNOW FRENCH! They consistently cracked jokes on me and other customers thru out the time they were braiding my hair. The manager gave them a long lecture on how one day one of the customers will speak French and understand. The employees said this wasn’t going to happen in Raleigh and one girl asked me if I spoke French (in French) and I said nothing.

After I told them to remove the part from my head they said I had a mental disorder.

DO NOT WANT. Just say no to African World of Braids on Capital Blvd.

They don’t listen to their customers. They pick on their customers and they act like they really don’t need your business.

I can’t believe I paid $150 to be treated like crap and look like cousin It.

Author: Brenda Barrett

Brenda Barrett is an author and freelance writer. She has written for several websites, including her own- blackhair101 and fiwibooks, on topics ranging from healthy hair care maintenance, human resources, and publishing. She is an avid reader of fictional novels from all genres, a habit that she picked up from she was very young. This love of fiction spilled over into writing and she currently has several novels on the market.

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