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Natural for Life-Hair Horror StoryThis story is why I went natural and will stay natural.  Every six weeks, I would go to the salon to get my hair relaxed and styled.   This particular day, I got the same service.   Approximately two days later, I called the salon because an entire section about the size of a piece of bread wasn’t relaxed.  I was told to come back in two days and the front of my hair would be done.   I went in and the stylists started perming the front of my hair.   Remember that my hair was already permed from a few days ago.   After the stylist permed the front of my hair, she continued to dip in the relaxer and comb the perm throughout my entire head.   I did not know at the time that this wasn’t supposed to happen.   She never said anything but continued to do my hair which consisted of the washing, wrapping and placing me under the dryer.   After the dryer, I sat in the chair and the stylist began to comb my hair circular at first and then down.   My hair is so heavy that it falls from the weight.   My hair was past my shoulders when I got there.   By the time she was done combing and I left, my hair was at my ear and extremely thin.   I finally realized why the stylist gave me some free conditioner before I left.   She knew that she had damaged my hair but couldn’t tell me.   Because my hair was so damaged, I had to eventually get it cut off and start over.    I have not had a perm in almost ten years.


-Evelyn Stevenson

Author: Hair Horror

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