Relaxer Mishaps!

I was wearing a short natural (afro) for about 3 years.  Occasionally I would get a texterizer applied  to soften the natural curl.  I went to this Salon I had never been to before and ask
the lady if she could put a texterizer in my hair. She said sure, she had been doing hair for 20 years, use to have her own shop, bla bla bla.  As she was applying the product, we were talking about the latest celebrity gossip.  I happened to look up and from the reflection in the mirror I saw her sliding the comb very slowly through my hair in the top of my  head, as if
she was applying a relaxer to get straight hair.  I said, what are you doing, I’m getting a texterizer! She screamed, Oh my God and rushed me to the sink and rinsed the product
out of my hair. My hair on top was bone straight and the back was kinky (not left on long enough to take). I looked a mess.  She said, Oh, all you need is a cut to make it curl.
She cut most of my hair off and still the top was straight an the back was kinky.  Needless to say I didn’t pay for that mess and had to wear a wig for a couple of months.

Author: Hair Horror

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