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Hey, my name is Claire. My parents adopted a little black baby girl, Alex, 12 years ago. Both of them and their other adopted daughter (yours truely) are white. For years we had a nanny that would do Alex’s hair, but when she turned 10 they decided that we were old enough to stay home on our own. There was one problem though. None of us had any clue how to handle her hair!

Alex is not a patient girl and her scalp is really sensitive. So my father would put her hair into piggy-braids and leave them like that until they were unrecognisable as such. Then he would try to redo them. There would be yelling and screaming and tears for hours. Most of it came from my sister… :) Eventually, they gave up and no one bothered with her hair. 18 months later I made a deal with her. I would do whatever she wanted me to do with my hair if she would go in and get hers done. She agreed and we were off to the hair salon.

Her hair was completely matted. She had only had her hair cut a handful of times and, were it straight, it would have gone down to the middle of her back. We were forced to cut it all off. She had about half an inch left when all was said and done.

She’s taking damn good care of her hair now.

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