Wig Cap Horrors

I have never heard of a pronto or gluing tracks onto a wig cap, until I moved down south. I’ve seen people with their hair glued to the cap, and it looked great. Thinking that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do it, I tried it myself. OOPS! Little did I know that the cap would get tighter, once the glue dried and that I was not supposed to be moving the tracks around on the cap, to position them right. After about 2 days, it was unbearable, from it being so tight. I decided to take it off, only problem? It  wouldn’t come off. I had moved the fromt tracks around so much, not thinking that the glue was going right to my hair, that I had hair full of glue. I had to literally cut the cap into pieces. I even put oil sheen, oil, conditioner, everything I could think of to get that cap off, finally a solution, I had to cut the front of my hair. Let’s say I’m done with caps and glue.

Author: Hair Horror

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