Alikay Naturals

Rochelle Graham Campbell

Rochelle Graham Campbell

Alikay Naturals began humbly while Rochelle Graham Campbell and her  husband, Demond,  were still in college.  The two juggled full-time class schedules, full-time jobs … and a budding company. Instead of hanging out with friends, they spent their free time filling orders.  Today, Alikay Naturals, is one of the top selling natural lines in the country.  Recently the company was recognized by Essence Magazine and this October it became the first brand to completely “takeover” Curlkit.   Now, Rochelle juggles her company, speaking engagements, and family time with her husband and son.

 The Journey to Alikay Naturals

“Alikay” is Rochelle’s middle name.  It is a testament to how close the brand is to her heart.   Rochelle learned about natural hair ingredients from herbalist grandmother who she fondly calls “Yaya”.  (In fact, Yaya still works with the company for at least six months of the year. )  The first product in the line to be released — and still her favorite — is the Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil.  The blend of quality, natural ingredients in this oil is what started it all. Today, her focus on quality continues.   Some of the key ingredients in her products include aloe vera juice (and gel), coconut oil, and avocado oil.   “All of the ingredients that we use that are natural- based ingredients are always focused on moisturizing, healing and repairing”, says Rochelle.

More Than Just Hair

Alikay Naturals is not just about providing hair products. It is about education, self-confidence, and providing a support system.  Rochelle does not want women to make the same mistakes she did when she first embarked on her natural hair journey.  So when you purchase products, you get information on how to use the product. And if you ever have any questions, the customer service team is there to help.  You can also find Rochelle traveling across the country to educate women.  In her talks, she encourages women who may not get the support from family and friends when they go natural.   “When I speak to women, I try to tell them they have to be their own support system.   You have to be that role model in your community, because you never know — by you being so confident and loving your natural hair and stepping out there — you may be encouraging women and children around you”,  Rochelle states.

What’s Next for Alikay Naturals

2014 will be a big year for Alikay Naturals.   This fall, the company will open its first salon in Ft. Myers, FL.   At this salon, stylists will provide a host of products AND services, with an emphasis on healthy hair.   Clients can expect to learn about how to take care of their hair in between appointments.   The company also plans on bringing back the Fabulously Unique Natural Hair Affair in fall 2014.    Also, stay tuned Alikay Naturals has a major announcement to make in a few weeks.   Expect big things from Alikay Naturals in 2014!


Author: Latoya

Latoya is an academic advisor by day, natural hair enthusiast//writer by night, and wife and mom 24/7. Her last relaxer was in April 2010 and she big chopped in October 2010. Join her as she shares tips and techniques for your natural hair.

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