Curlkit, the “Curly Girl” Approved Subscription Box

Curlkit– the “Curly Girl” approved subscription box – recently turned one in April.  For Heather Cummings, the creator of Curlkit, it has been a whirlwind of a year.  In June, she celebrated once again for her birthday.   And to celebrate, she had lots of surprises for her subscribers.  If you follow the Curlkit FaceBook page, you should have noticed hints about tons of full-sized products in the June box.  Known for impeccable customer service and great product offerings, Curlkit is on the rise.   Recently, Black Hair Media had the opportunity to catch up with Heather.  Check out the Curlkit story…

BHM: Tell us a little about yourself and your natural hair journey.

Heather: My Name is Heather Cummings and I am a graduate of Rutgers University.   I am married to my wonderful husband of almost 2 year, Dino.  My natural hair journey started 10 year ago.   I was in college and could not afford the weekly hair dresser visits so I decided to braid my hair.   After 4 years of not processing my hair I decided I wanted to go natural.  For me, the journey was very hard because there were not as many products or readily available information; maintenance tips and styling tips.   So  I had to learn as I went.   It took me a while, but finally I reached a point where I was comfortable with styling, caring for and wearing my hair natural.    I never looked back and today I can honest say its the best and healthiest my hair has ever been.

CURL-KIT-DISPLAY-1-BASKET-1-featuredBHM: April marks the anniversary of Curlkit.  Tell us about why you started Curlkit and how it all began.

Heather:  CurlKit was started because I wanted to make the natural hair journey for my subscribers a much easier process that when I transitioned.  By providing them with an affordable way to find the best products.  Wading through the plethora of brands and products out there and bringing them the best.  Introducing them to unknown gems as well as revisiting old favorites.

BHM: What is the mission of Curlkit?

Heather:  Our goal is to help our customers traverse the different products, tools and information that is out there and select the ones that works best for them.  By providing them with samples and full size products we are exposing them to a wider range of products and services that are out there so that they can make a more educated decision and find their natural hair regimen.

BHM: What can subscribers expect when they open a Curlkit box?

Heather:  When our subscribers open our CurlKits they will find 5 – 9 samples and full size products.   Along with the products they will find hair tools and accessories;  and a monthly CurlLife Magazine filled with helpful tips and information, with DIY information, product reviews as well as featured articles from our subscribers and brands.   As one subscriber puts it, “Its like getting a Christmas present in the mail every month”.

BHM: Tell us a little about the brands you work with and why you selected those particular brands.

Heather:  The brands we work with are chosen mainly by the quality of the products that they provide.   With the focus being on products with healthy ingredients that will help with my customers natural hair goals.


BHM: Curlkit is one of the leading natural hair subscription boxes.  What is next for Curlkit?

We have done a lot of firsts this past year and we will continue to do so:  International shipping, CurlLife Magazine, CurlTalk, CurlKit Shop, and several Philanthropic ventures.   Last year ,we sponsored the Natural Hair Meetup Day in 52 cities; we are sponsoring again this year.   We have some new ventures that we are working on and will implement in the 2nd half of the year;  but I think it is premature to speak of them now.   Just keep looking for what’s next with CurlKit.  We have some great things in store for you.   

BHM: Anything else you would like to add? Any advice for naturals searching for products that work for their hair?

Heather:   The main advice I want to give them is to listen to your hair.   It will let you know which product works and which doesn’t. Keep your hair moisturized as that helps to reduce breakage.   And most important, understand that your hair is different from everyone else; what works for them might not work for you.   Be patient and take care of your hair and it will grow too.

Author: Latoya

Latoya is an academic advisor by day, natural hair enthusiast//writer by night, and wife and mom 24/7. Her last relaxer was in April 2010 and she big chopped in October 2010. Join her as she shares tips and techniques for your natural hair.

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  1. Ive inquired about your products in 11/14, and as of 1/19/15 I have not received anything. Ive paid got 3 months, Ive left messages, and I havent gotten any responce. Their is no phone number to call your company directly. My info is Kim Mclendon, 192 South 7th Street Newark NJ 07103 (973) 757-7985. Thank you, please dont ignore, Im really interested in your products.

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    • have you gotten in touch ive ordered a 3 month supply and i know i dont want to continue after this is up, not the products just address issues with me traveling back and forth to school. but my question is the 3 month recurring or do you have to resign back up?

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  2. Hi All

    Do you know where i can get product samples or really good advice on mixed coarse curly hair?

    Any suggestion advice help would be much appreciated.

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  3. How can someone get this kit? are they still available?

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  4. Hello,I am a Nigerian and I’m undergoing a transition but m yet to get the right product cos one can hardly get it here.I started by trimming off the relaxed hair,now m left with the undergrowth.what’s ur advice cos I really want to go natural and my hair ain’t growing fast enough.what product can give me soft curls from d root like Lisa Arrindell Anderson’s and what’s ur recommendation for rapid hair growth with body.

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