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The past few years have been host to countless hairstyle successes and failures.   From short haircuts like Rihanna and Keri Hilson, long locks like Beyonce and tons of women shaving it all off and going natural like Solange.   So let’s sit back and review the good bad and the ugly – the styles that we rocked until the wheels fell off, the ones we look back on and go “What was I thinking??!!” and the ones we laugh at ourselves for attempting.
The Good

Natural (Solange)

When Solange Knowles took the plunge and pulled a Brittney Spears, the first reaction was “what on Earth was she thinking?!”   Man I wondered why she would want to rock a shaved head as opposed to long and luxurious hair like her sister Beyonce.   However, as her natural hair began to grow out, many sistas realized the beauty of natural hair and took the same plunge soon after.   Her shaving off her hair made her look more unique and stand out alongside her sister.
The Half Shaved Look (Cassie)
Some people might argue with my sentiment on this one, but I love the half shaved look most famously worn on Cassie.   It’s unique, edgy, and daring.   Some rock it better than others, but there is no arguing that the look caught on like wildfire.   Curly, relaxed, and naturally straight haired people caught on to it all the same and found their own ways to jazz it up with different and interesting designs.
The Bad
Rihanna Red
On stars like Rihanna, red hair looked good because it fit her pin up style.   The many people who tries to imitate that style looked….. strange.   Very few people can actually pull this look off and not look like sideshow Bob.  Your skin tone must compliment the bright shade of hair and the coloring must be done right, so if you want to get it done, go to a professional!   This is not the kind of thing you “YouTube” and do yourself.   Be prepared for tons of upkeep and take all measures to prevent as much damage as possible if you plan on dying your actual hair.
Half Shaved Look
I know; know.   I said that the half shaved look was a good look, but on some it is a major NoNo.   Like with the red hair, there are a few requirements that must be met before attempting this hairstyle.
1. Your hair MUST be thick.   Thick hair allows you to cover up the shaved area when you need to and it looks good.
2. You must have high cheek bones/ a feminine face.
3. UPKEEP!   Because that part of your hair is shaved off, you have to make the commitment to get that part professionally shaved when needed.   Having one random patch of oddly short hair is not cute.
It looks wonderful on many stars because they have the money to make it look good and it suits them.   So before considering a hairstyle like this, get advice and opinions from friends, family, and professionals.
There are bad and good aspects in regards to long hair, short hair, and NO hair, but the ugliest, most troubling hairstyles normally come from the dreaded “Do-It-Yourself-ers.”   Those are the type with absolutely NO experience who try to attempt difficult hairstyles.   They end up with the most major catastrophes.   I, myself am guilty of being a “do-it-yourself-er” sometimes.   I’ve tried cutting my own layers and ended up with a hot mess that I ended up having to get professionally corrected.  Let us not forget the bang/fringe attempt that we ALL make and most of us fail.   You know – the bang that’s too short, crooked, and sticks straight out that you end up having to live with for a month or two until it grows to a reasonable length.   For all you “Do-It-Yourself-ers,”  I am ending this with a few examples of hot messes that res

ults from ordinary people attempting extraordinary hairstyles without professionals.

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Author: Sasha Roberts

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