Natural Hair: Done in 20 Minutes

Done-in-twenty2-427x450The clock is ticking.   Your significant other is impatiently staring at his watch.  You look at your hair and it is a sight.  You say, “I’ll be done in 20 minutes!  I promise!”   But how do you keep your promise?   Your stare at your hair.   [Insert your conundrum here.]  Instead of fighting with your hair for the next hour, try one of these 20 minute fixes to get you out the door and your honey happy.  Natural hair:  done in 20 minutes.

Try a Hat or Headwrap

The easiest fix is to cover up the mess.   If it is summer, try a stylish fedora.  You can pull your hair into a low bun, braid it, or cover it completely with the fedora.   In the winter, try a beanie.  You can simply put on a satin bonnet and then add the beanie.   To jazz up the look, try a flat twist or a pompadour in the front.   Headwraps are another great option.   There are endless ways to tie your headwrap to complement your look.   You can try a simple black headwrap or a funky pattern to add some dimension to your look.    Whether you use a hat or headwrap, complete your look with jewelry and makeup.

Do an Updo

No matter how bad your twistout looks, it will always look good pinned into a chic updo.   You can try rolling and tucking.   You can pull your hair into puff and then pin.  Freestyle and adjust until you like what you see.   With only 20 minutes, if you were able to achieve an particular  updo quickly in the past, this would be the time to try it again.   Pull out your arsenal of bobby pins and pin away.

Just Add Water

Water is a natural’s best friend.  You can mist your hair to make it more pliable and get your hair to curl some more.  (This is a great fix for failed twistouts.)  Sometimes, simply adding Natural Hair Done In Twenty Minuteswater will refresh the hair, plump your curls and give it new life.   If all else fails, you can try a wash and go.  A TRUE wash and go.   Dunk your head in water, add some conditioner, add some gel (if needed) and go.   This is not the time for a Wash, Define, and Go.   Raking through your curls with gel for the next hour will not work.    So if true wash and gos have worked for you in the past, then pull it out for this emergency situation.   DISCLAIMER: If you have never had a successful wash and go, then this would not be a good time to experiment.

So after trying one of these remedies, you should cut down your prep time significantly.   When your hubby walks back in the room and asks in an exasperated tone, “Are you ready yet?”   You can leisurely grab your purse and answer, “I’ve BEEN ready.”

Do you have any additional hair tricks to get naturals out the door in 20 minutes?

Author: Latoya

Latoya is an academic advisor by day, natural hair enthusiast//writer by night, and wife and mom 24/7. Her last relaxer was in April 2010 and she big chopped in October 2010. Join her as she shares tips and techniques for your natural hair.

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  1. Ninja puff, puff ball. two strand puff, low puff and all the above with bangs or side twist. These styles work when all else fails.

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  2. I’ve done wash and go many times when i first went natural. But now that i have some length, If I do a wash and go, after it dries i end up looking like a poodle from the frizz.

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  3. I would love to try to do an up do, but I’m not that creative when it comes to my hair. I don’t even know where to begin.

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  4. Good practical tips for when u don’t have much time to fool with hair. I do all of these,too.

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