Natural Hair Styles: Different Natural Hair Styles For Different Situations

A common misconception is that naturally curly or kinky hair is not versatile. When the idea of going natural  is brought up to some relaxed ladies, they normally respond with “Oh, it just wouldn’t look right on me” or “It doesn’t fit my style.” The idea that natural hair has to be accompanied soley with the southern, sultry sistah girl type like Beyonce when she played “Foxy Cleopatra” in Goldmember or Aunjanue L. Ellis when she played “sistah girl” in Undercover Brother is not at all negative, but is not representative of all women who sport natural hair. It creates the idea that they are all confined to this “earthy” look when in fact, Naturally curly or kinky hair is just as if not more diverse than straighter hair textures. A natural sistah can rock the sexy, sweet, professional, and rocker looks just as well as the earthy look and turn heads.

The Professional Look

One fear for women going natural is how employers will view their natural hair. A common misconception is that natural hair is “frowned upon” in the workplace. The truth is, however, that similar to all other hair types, there are styles that are acceptable and unacceptable for the workplace. For example, a straight haired woman with pigtails, “scene” hair, “club” or hair that draws too much attention would be frowned upon as much curly hair not styled in a professional manner.

Yaya Dacosta

A prime example of a beautiful head of Curly hair styled to give a professional look is that of  Yaya Dacosta. This beautiful natural haired model sports a tamed “frohawk” like updo with the sides slicked down for a sleek appearance. This paired with the appropriate make up and outfit creates the perfect look for those who like a slightly edgy professional look.

Natural Hair Styles: Different Natural Hair Styles

Yaya Dacosta

For us who like to play it safe, however, a simple wash and go, twist out, or braid out accompanied with an antihumectant to prevent frizz will do the trick. Avoid hair accessories because they appear slightly childlike and take away from the “strong business woman” appearance.


What comes to mind when you think of “rocker” hair? Big, teased, and “Hey! look at me!”. This is your chance to let your wild side show and display the full power of “the ‘fro.” An afro is the epitome of rocker hair. It is big, beautiful, interesting and commands attention.

Rihanna is a perfect example of afro textured hair styled like a rockstar. For those who enjoy attention and aren’t afraid of color, this is the perfect look. Pair it with leather, chains, high heels and all things “rocker” for a look that’s sure to turn heads at parties.



A common fear with women once they go natural is how to pull off the “sexy” look. They feel that the poofiness, curls, waves, and kinks give them more of a “cute” look rather than sultry and attention grabbing. The poofy, curly kinky look, however can be sexy. It is all in the way you rock it and your attitude.  For ladies who have broader facial features, an afro may not be the best way to go. In order to elongate the face and make their features more feminine, they should go for longer styles like Senegalese twists that aren’t “wide” like afros.


Nicky Minaj

No matter what style you prefer, it is important that you love and embrace your hair. Confidence is key to creating a successful look. Whether you prefer to Rock out or keep it smooth and sultry, your hair is one of the first things people notice so leave them with a good impression!

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Author: Sasha Roberts

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  1. I truly enjoyed this article! The “Professional Look” portion speaks to a lot of women who are seriously scared of “scaring” people in the workplace or “sticking out”/”drawing attention” with their natural hair. I’ve been natural for over a decade and you picked up on every major concern for women (like myself) who do not have any chemicals in our hair. This is encouraging for women who are considering styling their hair without changing their hair texture.

    Thanks for sharing!

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