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samaranaturalhair6Name:  Samara

Tell us about yourself.   Hey there everyone!  Professionally, I work as an Administrative Specialist and Cashier at a local community college in Virginia.  When I’m not working my 9 to 5, my hobbies include Fashion, Beauty, and Hair blogging.  I enjoy traveling, trying out new cuisines, wine tasting, and catching up on my favorite TV show ‘Dexter’!

How long have you been natural? Why did you go natural? I have been natural for 3 1/2 years now!  Originally, I only wanted to see how long I could go without relaxing my hair (I wanted to start a more “healthy” journey by not relaxing my hair so often).  During that time, I went online and started doing some research and then came across “Natural Hair”.  From there it was ON…LOL.  After seeing how beautiful my hair could look without a relaxer, I was convinced to never relax my hair again.  I had never really understood natural hair until that moment.  There was definitely no turning back! samaranaturalhair2

What is your hair type and texture? My hair type is definitely Kinky Curly!  My curl pattern is pretty much the same all over.  I have very very tight curls so I have to pay close attention to my roots and make sure they are properly detangled.

What products and techniques work best for your hair type/texture? My favorites are the Shea Moisture Kids line.  The conditioner and curl smoothie provide my hair with the slip and moisture that I just love.  The regular line works well for me also, it’s just the kids line for whatever reason allows me to detangle a lot better.  I’ve learned that since my hair is so tightly coiled I need to almost always pre-poo my hair.  I normally apply one of my favorite oils like a coconut oil along with some sort of creamy moisturizer to my hair and allow it to sit for awhile with this on before I actually wash.  This helps my wash process go a lot more smoother in aspects of time and less tangles and knots.

What is your hair regimen and how does it fit into your busy schedule? My hair regimen begins normally on a Sunday. because I have the extra time right before my work week begins.  This is more convenient because of my 9 to 5 throughout the week..I mean who really wants to deal with hair after work??  Not me!  I’m normally too tired or busy with not only work, but blogging, and catching up with other things.  Weekends work better for me.  It begins with the an initial wash.  I apply a deep conditioner, leave-in, and moisturizer.  As far as styling, I’ll normally go for a twist out because it’s easiest.  Sometimes I’ll do a braid out, bantu knot out, or flat twists.  Once this is done I just continue to do the same style every other night depending on which style I want to do or how much definition I’d like.  I also spritz my hair with water a few times to keep some moisture on my hair.

Any additional advice? My advice is to definitely learn YOUR hair.  It’s nice to be inspired on YouTube and other social media platforms, but you must learn what works for you to experience healthy hair.  Start by first finding a few naturals with similar hair textures to your own hair.  Create a regimen and find out which products work best for your hair.  Maybe even look into subscribing to something like ‘CurlBox’ to try a few different things so you learn what your hair likes and doesn’t like.  Be sure to check out more helpful tips on my blog: www.styledchic.net!

Author: Latoya

Latoya is an academic advisor by day, natural hair enthusiast//writer by night, and wife and mom 24/7. Her last relaxer was in April 2010 and she big chopped in October 2010. Join her as she shares tips and techniques for your natural hair.

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  1. My coconut oil contains *petrolatum* is that a good thing?…Help me out. Thanks

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  2. Very Nice hairs . I really liked this . Cant expressed in words .

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  3. I have a question Can a person over texturized their hair? I put a texturizer in my hair on 11-8-13 and I have no curls at all. Can I fix this?

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  4. Her hair is really nice. I can look at her hair and believe it took about 3 1/2 years to get that length.

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