Textured Beauty: Simone

Textured Beauty: SimoneName: Simone

Tell us about yourself: I am a college student attending Florida International University. I am currently working on my second degree in Chemistry with plans to attend Pharmacy school and become a pharmacist. I’m 25. I was born in Jamaica, but I reside in Florida. My hobbies are working out and blogging. I have been natural for a little over a year.  Having natural hair makes working out and sports super easy. It’s nice not to have to worry about sweating out my relaxer or messing up expensive extensions.

How long have you been natural? Why did you go natural? I went natural, because I wanted to make a change in my life. I wanted to be the best me that I can be. It included excelling in school, meeting my fitness goal and taking pride in whats mine. Taking pride in whats mine made me decide to grow healthy, natural hair. It was a challenge at first, but i was determined to stick with it. As my hair grew, so i did I. My hair became a symbol of who I really was.

What is your hair type and texture? I’m not sure of my hair type. I’m still researching, but my hair in the front tends to be looser and the curls in the back more defined.

What products and techniques work best for your hair type/texture?   I usually wear my hair fro’d out because I love the big hair look. I tend to tease out my hair. I use Eco Syler to stretch my hair; and Mixed Chicks and Carols Daughter to style. I moisturize my hair with shea butter products. My hair tends to react best with products that contain humecants like honey,  flaxseed and glycerin because they keep my hair moist. My hair tends to be dry.[pullquote_right]I usually wear my hair fro’d out because I love the big hair look.[/pullquote_right]

What is your hair regimen and how does it fit into your busy schedule?  I have to balance school,work, the gym and internships. So I don’t have much time to spend on my hair. Wash and goes work best for me, which I use with a leave in conditioners  like Mixed Chicks. But the banding method is my favorite method to get the big hair look. At night, I section my hair in small pony tails. This allows me to stretch my curls and get volume.  Then in the morning, I finger style. I co-wash three times a week. I shampoo once every three weeks and I seal my hair with extra virgin oil before I shampoo so the oil doesn’t get stripped from my hair.

Any additional advice?  My suggestion to anyone going natural is to stick with it. It’s going to be a trial an error process, but it will get easier. I read a lot of blogs, watch loads of YouTube videos, and have tried numbers of hairstyles. However, over time you will find what works for you and watching your hair grow and become healthy will become so much fun.

Author: Latoya

Latoya is an academic advisor by day, natural hair enthusiast//writer by night, and wife and mom 24/7. Her last relaxer was in April 2010 and she big chopped in October 2010. Join her as she shares tips and techniques for your natural hair.

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