The Shameless Maya Phenomenon

shamelessmaya1Just one year ago, Shameless Maya set out on a journey to be “shameless”.  What exactly does it mean to be shameless?  According to Maya, “Being shameless means being fearless, being confident, being free.”  You should not to be ashamed of you are and celebrate your talent.   In her shameless journey, she wanted to overcome her fear of putting herself out there.   She promoted herself shamelessly and garnered over 100,000 subscribers in the process.

On April 24, 2013 — the anniversary of her channel — she shaved off all of her hair. Since starting her channel, she got a lot of attention because of it.   But she wanted to prove to herself that she was enough.   She was NOT her hair.   So, on a live stream, she cut it off.   Buzzed it off.   All those beautiful curls were donated to Locks of Love. In one of her videos, she mentioned the comments of one her subscribers who was battling cancer.   To add insult to injury, the teenager struggled with the loss of her hair as well.   She also discussed the woman on Fear Factor who agreed to shave her hair because she did not want to send a message of vanity to her  young daughter.

Maya’s message really hit a chord with me, because my daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer.   Here, at Black Hair Media, we celebrate beauty in hair and fashion, and within.   But we as women, have to be careful to not make it our crutch. Our Achilles heel.   There is strength, beauty, and fearlessness that comes from within.   So although we have fun getting dolled up, we can not forget that we are enough.

Shameless Maya shares a powerful message packaged with a vibrant personality and stellar video production.  It’s no wonder she has all of our attention.   In her five year plan, she expressed a plan of movie production and sharing her creativity with the world. Shamelessly.   I wouldn’t expect anything less.



Author: Latoya

Latoya is an academic advisor by day, natural hair enthusiast//writer by night, and wife and mom 24/7. Her last relaxer was in April 2010 and she big chopped in October 2010. Join her as she shares tips and techniques for your natural hair.

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  1. My prayers are with you and your daughter just keep your hope and faith in the Lord! So happy I got to meet you and shared the same stage with you! You are Fearless! :o)

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    • Oh I forgot to say I love Maya as well enjoy watching her video’s she is Blonde now!

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      • I know! Her blonde hair is fierce! She looks like Storm. I wonder what her costume will be for Halloween?

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    • Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! My daughter is so lifted up in prayer and is thankfully doing very well!

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  2. My prayers are with your daughter and family.

    I follow shameless and love her. I actually watched her buzz live. She has encouraged me to push myself pass my comfort zone and find strength in new places.

    Love this article.

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    • Rashida, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!

      I truly love her message. I want to nominate her for TED TALKS! I think she would be amazing!

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  3. Prayers are with your daughter right now :)

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  4. God is a healer and I am praying with you and your daughter. I love the message behind her movement.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts and prayer. I really do love her message as well.

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  5. I pray your daughter beats cancer Latoya! Noble of Maya to shave her hair!

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    • Thank you! Yes, she made a bold statement by shaving her head.

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  6. Praying for you and your daughter! God will see you through!
    Go Maya! I love her bubbly personality and her new hair cut!!!

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    • Thank you for your prayers.

      I love her personality! She is so warm and engaging which is a part of her charm.

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