World Natural Hair Show: Naturals Unite!


The 15th annual World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty show presented by Taliah Waajid is the largest and most well-known natural hair show.  This event is the most anticipated event of the year for natural women, those women who are transitioning, and those who are curious and want to know more about what it takes to go natural and how to care for natural hair.  If you don’t know who Taliah Waajid is, she is the creator of the Black Earth natural hair care products.  Her products were one of the first on the market for natural hair.  During the two day natural hair event, there were tons of activities for natural hair enthusiasts to attend.


Natural Hair Stylist Competition:  Hair stylists compete to create the fiercest looking natural hair style.  Models are required to have natural hair (no texturizers, no relaxers) in order to be styled.  Loc Styling Competition is also held for new and veteran locticians to battle for the title.  Barbers will also get a chance to compete in a competition as well.


Business workshops on topics such as marketing and how to establish and maintain a natural hair salon were provided free of charge.  Manufacturer workshops provided by Taliah Waajid, Jamaican Mango & Lime, and Design Essentials were also free of charge.  Barber workshops, Lifestyle, Health, and Wellness workshops, Professional Workshops, and Taliah Waajid seminars were also available.


There was a pre-party kickoff celebration with a performance by Chrisette Michele the day before the hair show.  The 2012 World’s Next Top Natural Hair Model was crowned in a crowning ceremony the first day of the hair show.  A social circle with bloggers and vloggers to interact and engage in discussions about natural hair was one of the planned activities for the weekend.  A new event at the hair show was the Book Nook , where authors would be able to sell copies of their book, sign autographs, and answer questions.  Last, but certainly not least, is The Big Chop (Or Not) Live on Stage event.  Women wanting to go natural get the big chop done right there on the stage.  The event profiles women who have decided to go natural and transition in two different ways.

Naturals united in a jam packed, event-filled weekend that was created for those with a love for natural hair and those who are curious about it.  The World Natural Hair Show is an event that takes place each year in Atlanta and is not one to be missed.  So, if you are natural, transitioning, or thinking about transitioning, be sure to plan to attend the next World Natural Hair Show…’ll be glad you did.


World Natural Hair Show Photo Gallery


Author: Nicolle

Nicolle is a hair enthusiast that has always enjoyed reading hair care books and Black hair style magazines and likes to stay informed on the latest fashion trends. She has been natural for several years and loves the versatility of natural hair.

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