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SULU Max Gro

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SULU Max Gro has a long history of helping those with skin and hair growth issues. Originally this product was created in 1938 by Henry E. Shapley, a barber from Iowa, for his clients with psoriasis and other scalp conditions. Although made for humans, the product became very popular for use on horses once clients realized it solved a variety of skin conditions on their beloved animals. Mr. Shapley then marketed his product to the equine industry, and called it Original M-T-G.

In 2004, SULU began receiving calls about the great results people were having with the product on their own hair. So, instead of continuing to sell an equine product to their clients in need, they decided to act responsibly. SULU dermatologist-tested the product for human use, created a bottle that would allow for easier application, and added a refreshing fragrance. In 2007, they introduced SULU Max Gro.

This amazing formula has helped countless people on their quest for beautiful, healthy hair. Imagine…over 70 years of proven results, now dermatologist-tested and approved for your personal use.


Mission Statement

  • SULU is about helping people on their personal hair journey. Our mission is to offer the most effective products on the market while providing the best customer service.

Core Values

  • Values are important to us at SULU. It’s a statement about how we live and the manner in which we make decisions. Our core values consist of integrity, responsibility, and positive attitude.
  • Integrity – Doing the right thing every time, no matter what.
  • Responsibility – The power to effect change lies in taking responsibility.
  • Positive Attitude – It’s a choice one must make every day…until it becomes a way of life.

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