Interview: Sheree Fletcher’s Whoop Ash Body Butter

You may have heard of Sheree Fletcher as the ex-wife of actor Will Smith and the new star of VH1’s reality series Hollywood Exes. What you may have not heard is that she is a wife of a Preacher, Mother, and budding business woman. Her product Whoop Ash is taking the skin care industry by storm. This line of product is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

 Interview with Sheree Fletcher

LJ Knight: You have a moisturizer line for the skin called Whoop Ash. Tell us about it.


Sheree: Whoop Ash is an intense body butter. It is hypoallergenic. It is 99.9% natural. It has Shea and mango. There is grape seed oil and mango. It is a really powerful body butter. What we did was we repelled a lot of the water. It is concentrated and thick. This will give you more bang for your buck.


LJ Knight: What made you decide to do a body cream?


Sheree: I read a book called The Secret Life Of Bees. After reading the book I got inspired. I really got interested in honey. I studied it. Then I thought, I love to cook and entertain. Let me research more into what you can make with the ingredient honey. What I found were spa recipes. Recipes that were not made to be eaten but rather to be put on the body. Honey and skin care dates back thousands and thousands of years. Queens used it. It is natural. Honey draws moisture in and seals it. I literally got my big gumbo pot out  and combined all of these ingredients in my kitchen and I made this body butter. I played.  My first thought was not to do this as a business. I wanted to bless people. I wanted to give it away. God kept increasing my vision. He was saying that it was bigger than that.


LJ Knight: Honey does date back to the Egyptians using it for beauty. It makes sense that the honey is a primary ingredient in these products.


Sheree: It dates way back. It is an ingredient that was fit for royalty. It fascinated me.


LJ Knight: Obviously the body butter will provide moisture. What are some of the other benefits to it?

Interview with Sheree Fletcher

Sheree: It will replenish your skin. I have testimonials from Chemo patients saying how it has helped to moisturize their skin and bring their skin back to life. I have testimonies from people saying that it helped their eczema. It has improved eczema in adults and children. A woman said that it helped her baby’s eczema after only a few days. When you have a child with eczema you have to use steroids, and creams. This woman said she has pretty much gotten her son off of the steroids. This is  why it was important to me that I had a product that had a lot of intensity but was not harsh. I did not get into it because I wanted to make a profit. That is a great benefit. However I was not getting into it for that. It was really a labor of love. The product also has a lasting effect. Over time you will see a difference in your skin.


LJ Knight: What is the price range of the product? What are some of the other products?


Sheree: The 8-ounce jar cost $19.95. It can last you about a month and half to 3 months. It depends on how you use it. Then I have a travel size version. You can put this in your purse or if you are a man in your travel bag. That is another benefit to this product is that everyone can use it. Men and women. The whole family can use it. Men love it because its not too fruity. It smells like what it is. After a while it burns off and you don’t smell it anymore. It is not going to compete with any cologne or perfume. It is not a feminine smell. It smells like the ingredients. I also have the Lipsmack which is $6.95 and the travel size is $9.95. There is also a whip version of the body butter and it is a little lighter. Some people prefer that. The Lipsmack has the Shea butter in it too but it is for your lips.The Lipsmack also has the mango and Shea butter. It has a really pleasant odor to it.


LJ Knight: That is good because a lot of people say that Chapstick dries out their lips after some time.


Sheree: This does not do that. It is made to moisturize. A lot of the other products for the lips have petroleum. It does not have any petroleum in it. Petroleum is not made to put on your skin. It is a toxin.


LJ Knight: Where can people purchase this line of products?


Sheree:You can go to to check out these products. I also offer the tower of power which includes all of the products for you to try out at your convenience or you can order them separately.


Interviewed By: LJ Knight

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