27 Piece Short Cut Weaves

27-piece-short-cut-weavesHey Social Butterflies have you ever wondered how celebrities a.k.a reality stars like Nene Leakes, K. Michelle,  and Joseline get those cute short hair cuts? It’s summer time so you may want to give your long flowing weave a break.

With a 27-piece short cut weave, you can achieve a variety of short cut styles without actually having to cut your natural hair. A 27-piece weave, which is basically hair extensions, can be bought at hair stores. It comes pre-packaged in certain lengths and colors, therefore you have the ability to choose just about any style.   The best way to get a 27 piece done is to get a quick weave.

A quick weave is done by using a bonding glue method, which requires you to glue the weave to a stocking cap.


If any of you ladies are weave mavericks and you want to do your own 27 piece quick weave, I’ve included directions on how to achieve the look:

You will need:

  • Pro styling gel (brown gel)
  • Stocking cap
  • Shower cap
  • Hair Glue
  • Set under hood dryer
  • Rat tail comb
  • Hard brush
  • 27 piece weave


  1. Gather all the materials.  Take all pieces of hair out of the package.   Arrange the hair from shortest to longest pieces.
  2. Add gel to natural hair.   Comb the hair flat around the head.
  3. Sit under hood dryer until gel is hard.
  4. Place the shower cap on the head.
  5. Place the stocking cap on top of the shower cap.

Starting at the nape, take the shortest weave pieces and measure them to the person’s nape.  If the weave is too long, cut it to the size of the nape.  Put a small amount of glue on the weave piece and place it on the stocking cap at the nape.

Continue gluing weave pieces to the stocking cap in rows.  Maintain a have circular pattern around the head.   Always add the next piece directly above the previously glued piece.

Once you get to the top of the head start placing tracks around in a circular pattern without cutting the track make the circle on the top of the head as small as your closure piece.

Glue down closure piece to close circle.  (Closure piece should come with the 27 piece weave, if not you can purchase a small short one from beauty supply)

Comb cut and style to fit the look you want![/box_light]

Tip: Sit under the hair dryer for about 15mins just to make sure the glue dries completely.


Author: Vicky

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  20. Shortie (female in the pic) do not have a 27pc in her head. Y’all tried

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  21. This is actually my picture. I did this hairstyle in 2009 on my client. I used 2 pks 10″ yaki and razor cut it. It is in fact a quick weave.

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  22. I understand that more stylists are opting to do this over actually sewing in a few packs of ten inch hair and cutting them down and styling them in a real short weave do. I’m not really interested in wearing a wig. I would a really like to find a stylist who will do a sew in for me and style my short weave, not a wig, but I’m hard pressed to of d this person. I don’t get it.

    They tell me that it won’t look as flat as a longer weave but I plan to wear the cut curled up anyway for volume. If there’s anyone in NYC who could help me out I would really appreciate it. I know this was posted in may and I’m really late but I need a good stylist ASAP.

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    • If you think you are finding it hard to find a stylist try living in England. There are no black hair salons where I live. You have to travel long distances or do your hair yourself. I do my hair myself and saved a fortune.

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      • Is 27 pieces human hair or synthetic?

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