From Straight to Curly: Boiling Your Hair Extensions


Extensions offer versatility without sacrificing your own hair.  Depending on the quality and hair type, you can wash it, curl it, fry and dye it to change up your look as often as possible.   However, there may come a time when you want to switch up your straight hair to make it curly or wavy.   Curling your straight extensions is not only time consuming but it also damages the hair overtime. Nevertheless, instead of curling your extensions every day, taking up precious time and effort, you can boil it to satisfy your internal curl lover.

Things You Will Need:

rodsPerm Rods (large, medium and small)


Large Boiling Pot (size should be large enough to accommodate all your hair)

From Straight to Curly:  Boiling Your Hair ExtensionsExtra virgin Olive Oil and Conditioner

  1. First, take the large boiling pot and fill it half full with water.   Once the pot is full, turn on the heat source on either a gas or electric stove.   The heat should be hot enough to bring the water to a boil.
  2. Next, add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and less than a palm full of conditioner to the water.   Let the water continue to boil while you are placing the extensions on the perm rods.
  3. Begin to place the extensions on the perm rods.   Your perm rods should vary in size from small to large.   The larger the perm rod, the looser the curl will be.   The smaller the perm rod, the tighter the curl will be.   For short hair, start at the base of the weft or extension and begin to wrap the hair around the perm rod and close the end of the rod.   For longer hair extensions, start at the end of the hair and wrap the hair around the extension in the same way that you would wrap hair for a roller set.   If you want a wavy look, twist the hair before adding it to the rods.
  4. Adjust the water temperature.   The water should be boiling up pretty good by now.   Adjust the water temperature down to a simmer.   The water should still be boiling but not as aggressively at this point.
  5. Once all of the extensions are in place on the perm rods, carefully add the extensions to the water.   The extensions should boil for a period of no less than two and a half hours.
  6. After the time has elapsed, remove the pot from the heat and turn off the heat source.
  7. Let the extensions air dry overnight.
  8. Once the extensions are completely dry, remove the extensions from the perm rods one by one until all the perm rods are removed.
  9. Shampoo and condition or co-wash the extensions before installing.
  10. Enjoy your new curly or wavy hair extensions.

Author: April Flores

A up-and-coming BHM blogger!

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  1. To get a cute body wave I twist my hair in four sections then roll each twist into a bun. Not twist like you do a kids hair but simply twisting the hair

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  2. Please is it okay if I use setting lotion for my Virgin deep curls without causing damage to the hair?reply please

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  3. Please is it advicable for me to use setting lotion for my Virgin deep curls without damaging the hair? Reply please

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  4. I boiled my hair and it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to be. Is there a way I can make it straight again?

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    • I done exactly the same, followed this method, don’t get me wrong if you want ringlets go for it! I was looking for more of curly ends but not this curly! It comes out like a perm for all of you who are wondering, I them soaked mine in conditioner for about 5 minutes and rinsed them out, then dried them on a low slow heat with a hair dryer and the curls are abit looser now . Hope this helps!

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    • You can straighten it with chemicals.

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    • repeat the steps holding your hair straight some kind of way and pour the hot water over the hair. You might have to do this a few times to get rid of the curl but you can use perm rods to get a curl instead. those are no perm rods in the picture.

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  5. Hello,

    Very good post!

    I am trying this method on virgin human hair. How long does the curl stay without straighten hair and by washing it once a week?

    Thank you for the answer.

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  7. The use of the natural products like olive hair oil, eggs are the best way to use.

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  8. It is a very harmful and damages a hair by doing this again and again.

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  9. will this work with 100% human hair, becuase i have 8in purple 100% human hair and i dont know how it would turn out. So do anyone know if this would work on the type of hair i have? please rply back!

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  10. This is great info and all..but what if your hair is stick straight…how do you get your hair to match without having to chemically perm your own? Or is that the only way? Minus time consuming curling.
    See…I intend to do this, I bought synthetic weft (because it doesn’t split and hold its shape) and tipped it myself (for micro linking) Next I’m going to braid each one so every extensions is a braid.
    Next I’m going to boil them to get the Taylor swift type wave (no 80’s perm please;) being careful to keep the tips out of the water through whatever means (should be easy to fig out)
    When alls said and done, I’m thinking…maybe..I should braid my own hair in little small braids (like KORN lol) and theeeeen…apply a perm solution…(wait for it..) to the braids!!! TADA! What about that?
    Would that work? Ill be stick straight standing by. Over and out.

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    • I just HAVE to have my length back…and with that comes extensions and with that comes time consuming curl because long straight extensions don’t work as well as naturally long straight hair…you know? I just don’t want to spend my life curling my hair. Or braiding it every night..I just want to curl it..and friggin forget it! Lol wake up every morning and live life~ya feel me? :-p

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    • Hey I don’t know when this was posted so i may be really late but what works for me is i curl the hair my extensions by braiding them then boiling them. Then I flat iron my hair and I flat iron extensions at the top where my hair is so that they look similar then I brush with the soft bristle brush and it all blends really well.

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  11. Though I’ve not tried it but it sounds kind of great!

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  12. I want to try this method while my hair is already installed. is that possible?

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    • No!! How are you going to put your head in a boiling pot for 2 hours?!
      You can roll your hair in sections and then put some hot water in a mug and dip each rolled section into the water. However you will not be able to get too close to the root as it will burn you. Don’t do it to your natural hair only the extension.

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  13. ei did this on some virgin hair that was ok quality when i was getting ready to retire it and throw it out, and i manages to get another 3 uses out of it bearing in mind i’ll never wear hair for more than 3-4 weeks at a stretch the hair was a little dry but product sorted that out, and the curls came back consistantly

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  14. Hi. Can anyone please tell me how long does the curl last for (boiling). Is this a permanent way to set a curl, or semi permanent or does it come out after the first wash? And how much damage does it do to the hair… I have human hair extensions.

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    • Depends on the hair synthetic non heat resistant no .. human and heat resistant hair you can use a flat iron to straighten it back out..

      I’m not sure about human hair but I know when using the boiling method with synthetic hair the curls are forever or until you straighten it.

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  15. I tried this on my extensions and they came out dry, tangled, and wirey. What did I do wrong?!? I put a bunch of conditioner and oil in, maybe too much? Help? If I boil them again will they come out worse, or will it fix them?

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  16. Woah this blog is great i love studying your posts. Stay up the great work! You recognize, a lot of persons are searching round for this information, you can help them greatly.

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  17. Can you straighten the hair back out??

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  18. how do i make my hair more curly if my hair is wavy other than curling it?…. is there a kind of oil

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    • You can opt to bantu the extensions. This method is time consuming though, you have bantu knot them in small sections so that you get a curl rather than a wave. You also can use the flexi rods mentioned above with out boiling. Detangle hair, add a small amount of setting lotion and set with rods overnite and cover with silk bonnet. (be sure to wash the extensions after a week due to product build up)!

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  19. can u straighten the hair again???

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  20. hi what type of hair can you do this with human, plastic etc

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  21. Someone posted this on facebook. I showed the article to my gf because well I’m tired of seeing her boring straight hair extensions. She wears them the same all the time. She tried it out for new years and it looks pretty good. I never knew you could boil hair. aaaah the things the internet teaches you lol. Pretty good article tho

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