How to Bring that Old Virgin Hair Back!

Hey Social Butterflies! Have you ever been in bind and you really need to get your weave done; but you really didn’t have enough to pay for a new install and new hair?  All you have is some old virgin hair you wore a few months ago or the hair that’s currently installed now.  Ladies, we are discussing “How to Bring that Old Virgin Hair Back!”

Yes it is possible to bring it back, but you are going to have to do some work.  First you will need to wash and deep condition the hair.  Everyone has their favorite shampoo and deep condition me personally I use TRESemme Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner and I deep condition the hair with Silicone Mix.

You can deep condition hair by just letting it set covered in conditioner in a plastic bag over night or you can place the hair in the microwave in a plastic bag for a minute.

After you deep condition rinse off deep conditioner and let the hair air dry.  It’s imperative that you let your hair air dry because blow drying the hair will dry it out.

  1. Don’t worry to much what the hair looks like when dry.  Have your hair installed and then get to work!
  2. Once your hair is installed, it will need to be blow dried with a paddle brush.  Paddle brush blow dry for about 15 mins.
  3. Next use a liquid shine or light serum oil, I like Design Essentials Reflections Liquid Shine or Moroccan Oil. Place some serum oil or liquid shine in your hands not a lot and rub into the weave hair.
  4. Now you will flat iron the hair row by row. Make sure you use a really hot flat iron you can lightly spray the hair with the liquid shine or oil sheen but you do not want to use a lot and make the hair greasy.
  5. Note that the older virgin or remy hair gets the harder it will hold a curl so you may have to just wear a sleek part down the middle or side part warp.  You should warp your hair every night and were a satin scarf.

It’s just that simple with a little TLC you can “Bring Back that Old Virgin Hair!” If you have any questions or you want to share your tips pleas leave a comment.

Peace and Love!

Author: Vicky

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  1. Can I do all of this while it’s still in my head ?

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  2. Well said Vicky, I really love this articles. I always purchase my best bath and beauty products online. This article is really informative and easy to follow these tips thanks for share your experience with us!

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  3. I save a lot of money re-installing my weave hair. I mean, it helps that I weave my own hair :) but still, if you get some good hair it shouldn’t be a problem to use it more than once. One of my tips to help it go farther is (well this is what I do) I like to buy curly hair or even a body wave and wear it in the natural state it comes in for that first 2-3 months and since I won’t curl or iron very much during that time it stays in good condition… THEN when it’s time to re-install it, I flat iron it and wear it straight for that whole 2-3 month period so when its all over and done with, I’ve used the SAME hair for like 6 months but had 2 totally different styles. a lot of times, I will dye it the second time around so its like having a whole new head of hair and since I just left it the natural way it came the first “go round” it’s still healthy looking AND i got 2 whole installations out of it without having to do much to it at all…. the only downside, and it’s not really a downside is that you have to actually purchase some good hair! Virgin Remy holds up the best and for the longest time but it could get pricey.

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