How To: Get Your Man to Embrace Your Weave

Women of color tend to get a little dependent on their hair weave or extensions for what they consider to be a normal look.  They have grown so accustomed to seeing themselves a certain way for years and without ‘their weave hair,’ feel uncomfortable and out of character.  There are so many natural looking hair extensions and wigs nowadays that it’s hard to tell, even as women, when a fellow Lass is rocking a weave.

Despite this, men still have a hard time accepting this relatively new trend with women.   They think a woman’s idea of wearing fake hair stems from an idiosyncratic trait of dishonesty, they feel embarrassed bringing their wig wearing girlfriend around friends and family and there is a small percentage of them that obsess about the hair underneath.  What on earth does it look like and will it determine the state of the hair of their unborn child?  Who can blame them, as human beings, a lot of things come into our minds when we start dating.  It’s only natural.   As women, we wouldn’t bring a toupee wearing hunk to meet our girlfriends and we sure do spend a lot of time thinking about how a guy’s physical and mental attributes will affect our impending kids.   So you need to be a little more sympathetic and understanding when a man just doesn’t get it!   Stop bashing them with the girls, saying ‘oh, if he can’t accept my style then he’s not the man for me’ – it just isn’t fair.   Instead, let’s spend some time focusing on how we can get men to embrace us wearing these addictive foreign locks.

Wear Your Hair Right

Once the hair is worn right then men won’t give it a fight.   So avoid fashioning those dramatic, oversized looking hairdos that scream – [pullquote_right]‘FAKE HAIR! FAKE HAIR!’ [/pullquote_right]  Try lessening the amount of tracks you use in with your natural hair.   This will make the overall appearance and thickness resemble that of your own hair, so if and when your man see’s your natural hair, he won’t think you look any less attractive.

In terms of the length, you could always play with a couple inches, but try not to go too long, as this is an instant indicator that perhaps you are not wearing all of your own hair.   Face it ladies, African American women aren’t going to have the same long, silky textured hair as a Chinese or Indian woman.   It’s the same reason why no other race will have the same deep rich chocolate complexion African women predominantly have.   We were all made different with distinctive characteristics so it’s silly of you to try and mislead, further more convince sensible people around that you were born as a black woman with 100% naturally growing Chinese hair.

How to Get Your Man to Embrace Your WeaveHave a Purpose 

Don’t be caught following a trend that has no bearing to you, it comes off ditsy and pathetic.   If you love changing up your look with hair extensions and such, then there must be reason for that.   Figure out why this brings you comfort and own it.   Also, try not to allow this lifestyle choice to define who you are, rise above your hair so that your personality can shine through.   Men won’t care if you skinned a rat to make some hair extensions, once he’s blown away by the person inside, then that’s all that matters.   Speak openly on the topic and show these guys that it’s not that serious; wearing your hair a certain way is simply a fashion statement and nothing more.   It’s the same reason why men wear the brand clothes they do and grow facial hair.   It’s that simple!

Rock Your Hairstyle

As much as some people try to make African American women feel bad about wearing weaves and wigs, the truth is – it looks better!  There, I said it.   In any culture, a woman’s hair looks best with a good amount of volume, sheen and length.   These three key elements are often lacking in African American ladies, and this is why they turn to alternative means.   While some black women can rock a natural do or afro, others simply can’t. Not everyone has the same hair structure and composition, so ladies please don’t discriminate against a fellow sister.

With that in mind, you can show a man how much nicer your face and head looks with longer, thicker or silkier hair.   Educate them on how these hairstyles come by so they can get familiar with the process instead of freaking out at the sight of something abnormal.   Include them in the decision when you are ready to change up your look so they can be a part of the style changing process.   It’s amazing how much you can change up your hairstyle through wearing weaves, extensions and wigs, so rock out on your hairstyle.   Let your man see this playful side to your weave wearing self and have some fun with it.

Author: Claudine Baugh

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  1. I wouldn’t date a guy who cares that much about if I wear a weave or not. I take very good care of my hair, I do wear my hair natural when I feel like it, keep it clean and groomed. A guy who cares that much will be a constant pain and I need someone to add, not take away because thats what I as a woman will do for him. simple.

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  2. I once had a customer who wanted to wear weave but her husband didn’t like it, so she chose not to wear it. Unfortunately she caught him with a women with a head full of weave. Same scenario with a customer with long hair who wanted it cut. My answer to that is wear what YOU want on YOUR head and wear it well. I am a natural my husband loves that but I will wear weave from time to time, he hates it. I tell him it’s not permanent and keep on stepping. I must admit he likes the curly weave a little more then the straight, and so do I.

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  3. I would never date a woman wearing a weave. I feel the same way about them as women do about men with toupees. I think there is a way to make the weave appealing, atleast not to me.

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  4. Great article , I was surprise no comments below:( , I would have love to hear how some couple are handling it or if your newly dating:) I love it, we should still take care of our hair and be proud to wear it out before our next weave install, you & your man must be happy with what is seen after the weaves is out. Ladies we must take the time to take care of ourselves, Eating properly, taking vitamin, washing our hair more often, not leaving the weave in so long it breaks the hair , it is on to wear a wig while your hair heals, something you can remove when you get home( Glueless wigs) You got to give your hair time to heal after each install) That’s if you dont want to be hiding your self forever under weaves…, I mostly wear my own natural hair permed, I also enjoy the weaves as I need to use it to advertise, but I do not think it should be in the hair for more than 4 weeks with at least 2 wash, remove and allow 2 weeks out deep conditioning, and just feeding your hair good stuff… Take care of your hair and she will take care of you:) I’ll check back to see if any ladies having comment:) Great article:) Now I will be asking guys about it:)

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