How to Install Clip on Hair Extensions

cliponsExtensions are becoming increasingly popular with ladies who just want to add fullness and length without having a permanent attachment.  You should use hair extensions made from human hair to give your hair that natural look.

What makes clip on hair extensions so great is the fact that they are cheap and easy to install and even easier to remove.  Unlike permanent hair extensions such as heat fusion extensions, and traditional sew ins that have to be done in salons and cost a lot, clip on hair extensions are easy to install and you can do them at home.

Step by Step Instructions for Installing Clip on Hair Extensions:

Most women can install clip on hair extensions on their own without any external help. However, sometimes you may face the problem of extensions getting detached from the hair or sticking out from underneath.  This can be easily solved if you do it the right way.  You need three things to install clip on hair extensions:  a small tooth comb, good quality hairspray (if your hair is really fine), and of course, some clip on hair extensions.

  1. If your hair is natural and or not as straight as the clip ins you choose to use you should press your hair out with a hot comb or flat iron to make your hair as straight as the hair you are installing
  2. Part the section of hair just like you do to create a high ponytail except that in this case, you leave a small section at the base.
  3. Place hair in a high bun on the crown of your head and      put a clip on it so that it does not get in the way.
  4. If your hair is a little coarse at the roots (you have new growth) You can just add your first clip in
  5. If your hair is fine you may need to tease and backcomb hair roots with the small tooth comb and apply hairspray.
  6. Open the clip on and start by clipping the right clip on to the fuzzy roots of your natural hair, then move on to the left clip, and finally, the middle clip.
  7. Undo the section bun on the crown of your head and part another section of hair at the base, making sure that it is just an inch  above the section you just worked on. This is to ensure that this layer of natural hair falls just over the clip on hair extension you just      installed.
  8. Repeat the steps for as many clip on extensions that you want to add, make sure that you leave enough hair on the top section of your  hair to cover the previous extensions.
  9. When you have to work on the sides, take a small section of hair about three inches above the ear and clip on the extension.
  10. Using hairspray makes the hair a bit firmer, which ensures that the clip on hair extensions do not detach easily.

The best way to style your hair after installing clip on hair extensions is to use a flat iron or curling iron.   This will give you a flawless look as it helps to blend your natural hair with the extensions.

It is imperative that you do not brush your hair from the roots because this can potentially move the extensions.  Watch the video to see how this YouTuber installs her clip on extensions.

Author: Vicky

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  1. i love but i live in brampton so where could i get the hair extensions?

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  2. Clip ins are so versatile and easy to attach. I love that they are super fast for the quick on the go when you don’t feel like being bothered with a bulky weave.

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  3. I cannot stand clip ins it took me around a year to get them to blend well & are so time consuming every morning! Much prefer weave. Get up and go.

    Have a look at Frixihair on Instagram. Around £60 a bundle. Pure quality!

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  4. What do u think of clipping on a braided base?

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