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Lace wigs were created and we all forgot about weaves, for a while anyway.  Lace wigs have earned their glamorous reputation and stardom because of celebrities like Beyonce’ and Tyra Banks who can flawlessly work the heck out of them. Every Black woman around the world breathed a sigh of relief when these stunning hairpieces became available to everyday women at prices we can comfortably afford. How great is that?  We didn’t have to sell our first born to look fabulous! Ladies who suffer from Alopecia and thinning hair now have a viable and natural looking option to sporting a beautiful, full head of hair. Prices range from around $75-$100 all the way to the ridiculous thousands.  The weave and wig industry is a billion dollar industry booming mainly because of women of Color.  It plays on our heartfelt desires and fantasies to have long, flowing, soft and healthy hair.  The movie Good Hair, starring Chris Rock, vividly depicts the Black woman’s emotional attachment to hair weaves and wigs.  Several actresses and celebrities disclosed the crazy amount of cash they shell out on their favorite weaves.  Many also openly admitted to their expensive addiction to hair pieces.  If you’re reading this in awe then congratulations!  You probably aren’t a contributor to this billion dollar industry, and yes that’s billion with a B. [pullquote_right]The movie Good Hair, starring Chris Rock, vividly depicts the Black woman’s emotional attachment to hair weaves and wigs.[/pullquote_right]

Lace wigs as most things, are cheaply reproduced by the truck load in Asian countries then distributed throughout the world at rock bottom prices. Nothing proves truer than the old adage; “you only get what you pay for”.  In wigs and weaves terms, this is almost never a good thing.  The costs of production is cheap, therefor the retail price will be as well.  This usually means thin and coarse hair or even wigs with bald patches.  Yikes!  No one wants to spend any sort of money, no matter the amount for a hair piece that looks terrible.  If you are experienced at purchasing lace wigs and hair pieces then you have come to the realization that you have to pay a little more to get a better quality.  While there is no shame in investing in your self-image, be careful in buying from overseas trading companies.  Instead do a little research online to find the most reputable retailers with nonbiased customer reviews to help you decide.

Whether your preference is Chinese, Malaysian or Indian, you are certainly in for a confusing flurry of lace wig types and textures that can sometimes be overwhelming. Before deciding on a wig or ordering a specialized cap, you should always request swatches of colors and textures from the company you plan to purchase from.  Although the names may be the same, the textures from different companies vary.  Remy types are usually referred to as the origins of the hair like Indian, Chinese, Malaysian Remy, etc. Texture refers to the kink or curl of the hair. Always use swatches before purchasing.

Ill-fitting lace wigs have somewhat de-glamourized the entire concept of wearing one.  Wigs are intended to look as natural as possible.   When wigs are too large they are applied too far down on the forehead.  When you think about it, whose hairline begins a quarter inch from their eyebrows?  In order to achieve the desired effect the wig must be fitted to your head dimensions exactly.  This is easily done by using a measuring tape and measuring distances from ear to ear over the top of your head, from nape to the front of your hairline and holding the tape around the back of your head to the front at your hairline.  Once you get these measurements, you’ll be much more satisfied with your purchase.

Another tricky aspect to a professional-looking lace wig application is how inconspicuously the adhesive is applied.  The trick is to first snip your wig to match the contours of your hairline.  Secondly, clean your hairline thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs, being certain to remove all oil and grease.  Apply a thin and even layer of adhesive along the edge of your hairline with a small brush.  Never use your fingers or anything else that has oil on the surface.  While allowing the adhesive on your head to become tacky, apply a thin, even layer to your wig.  Allow both to become tacky before application.  If you don’t wait your wig will slip off prematurely. [box_info]Be patient!  It is always a good idea to have some help. Start by lining up the your temples, then pressing the glue on the wig firmly down and on top of the glue on your head, being careful to line them up.  Continue until you have secured all edges of the wig to your hairline and allow ten to 15 minutes to dry properly before styling.[/box_info]

Author: Kendra Turnquest

I am a freelance writer, photographer and graphic artist hailing from the fabulous islands of The Bahamas. I love all things beauty and mostly I love having the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge and convey it to my readers in a fun way that they enjoy reading while being informed. I am also a makeup artist and I do plan to share a few of my video tutorials on Black Hair Media as well. I do thank you for reading and please do come back soon.

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