Let’s talk about Weave Shedding

Let’s talk about weave shedding! Have you ever wondered what is normal shedding for a hair weave? Is it true that Remy Hair doesn’t shed as bad as Virgin Hair? If I sell my wefts will that really keep my hair from shedding? Today ladies we will answer these questions.

Because typical quality store bought Remy Hair is greatly processed and mechanically machine wefted; meaning it is produced in large amounts and the wefts are sewn by industrial sewing machines not by standard human operated sewing machines like the ones used to weft Virgin Hair.  Quality Remy Store Bought Hair shouldn’t shed. It has been argued that over the past year high quality brands like Bobbi Boss IndiRemi hair has greatly decreased in quality and many women that I’ve spoken to complain about excessive shedding. This is very sad because given the way the hair is produced it shouldn’t shed, I’ll have to do more research on this topic but moving along  and staying on topic the bottom line is store bought Remy hair shouldn’t shed on you.bigstock-Laughing-black-woman-in-white--16616609

Virgin Hair is very complicated when trying to figure out if it will shed on you or not because honestly most if not all Virgin Hair will shed a little; again this has to do with the fact that virgin hair is wefted by hand or by a standard sewing machine operated by a human so there is greater room for error. Some Virgin Hair vendors claim that their double wefted hair isn’t going to shed on you; this statement is somewhat true.  Double wefted hair if it is of quality should only shed a little which means you may see a few strands in your brush or in your fingers when you run your fingers through it.  A few strands are no more than about 5. Your hand or brush is lightly covered with hair.

Hair that excessively sheds is hair that leaves a trail all over your house and everywhere else you go! This is Cleary a sign of poorly wefted hair.  Many Virgin Hair companies are now telling their customers to seal their wefts with fabric glue to lock the stitching in place so the hair doesn’t shed excessively on you. It is true that sealing your wefts can help to reduce shedding but you must note that you may have to seal your wefts before each install that you reuse the hair with.  This is because some fabric glues wear off after a while, so if you noticed your hair shedding more even after you’ve sealed it just apply fresh fabric glue when you take the hair down.

Peace and Love!

Author: Vicky

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  1. Good post but it not really true, Great weft no need glue and still no sheds unless the hairs it self that breaking. Glue doesn’t help to stop sheds, after you wash the hair few time than the glue gone and the hair start to sheds. We can tell very clear that the hair sheds or break, right?

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  2. Great post. I believe all hair sheds to some degree. Some just more than others. I seal the wefts of all hair, and it helps a lot!

    K. Chanel

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  3. Micore’ International offers a 3, 6, and 12 month warranty against excessive shedding and matting, depending on the grade of hair you buy.


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