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Hey Ladies  are you stressing over what to do with your weave? Are you wondering how long should I keep it in? Well today we will discuss a few questions and answers.  Wearing a weave can sometimes get a bit complicated specifically if you are new to wearing them. You must educate yourself on what to do and how to do it.  The biggest misconception women have about wearing a weave or extensions is that the hair will take care of itself.  You have to keep you hair up and the weave hair up!

Let’s get down to the basics first after all this is Weaveology 101:

  • How long does it take to get a weave installed?

1-2 hours for bonded weaves. 2-4 hours for sew in weaves. (This should include cutting and styling)

  • Are weaves only for African American hair textures?

No weaves and extensions are for all hair textures, Straight, Curly, and Silky, Wavy etc.

  • I do not have a relaxer; can I still get a weave?

Yes, you do not have to have a perm /relaxer to get a weave.

  • I just had a relaxer/perm can I  still get a weave?

You can still get a weave but you should wait 1-2 weeks after you get your relaxer if you intend to get a sew in. If you want a bonded weave there is no wait time.

  • Should I wash my hair prior to my appointment?

You can and it will save time on the overall process it is only necessary if your stylist requires you to (Ask your stylist if she will charge extra for this service). If you do wash please do not use excess oil on your scalp prior to your appointment. You should also deep condition your hair prior to your appointment.

  • How many packs of hair do I need?

You will need 1 pack of hair for a partial weave, and 2 packs of hair for a full weave. It is always better to bring at least 2 packs of hair with you this equals to 8 ounces of hair.  You can always save what you do not use.  For a fuller look and typically when using Virgin hair many women will need 3 packs of hair which equals 12 ounces of hair.  (One pack/bundle = 4 ounces of hair)

  • How long does my hair need to be to get a weave?

Your hair needs to be at least 3 inches long for a sew-in weave. The length of your hair does not matter if you are getting a bonded weave.

  • Can I shampoo my weave?

Yes, you may shampoo your sew in weave every two weeks, or as needed. You cannot shampoo a bonded weave.

  • Should I oil or moisturize my hair and scalp under my weave?

Totally! I recommend Dr. Miracles Spot Serum or his Grow oil as a hair moister and scalp conditioner. You can use any oil you should use an oil bottle with a nozzle on it so you can get in between the tracks.

  • Can I transition from a relaxer to natural hair with a weave?

Yes, as you do not need to have a relaxer to have a weave. Weaves are one of the best transitioning styles out because you are giving your hair a break!

  • How long can I leave my weave in?

6 to 8 weeks is recommended if you are trying to grow your natural hair. The max is 4 months, if you have a full weave, the weave may still look good, but your hair underneath is the main concern. Typically women with silky straight or wavy hair textures can only leave their weaves in for no longer than 8 weeks. Women with tighter curls and thicker hair can go the max of 4 months. Matting, tangling, and dreading (which leads to hair loss) may be a result if you leave your weave in too long.


As you can see Ladies it’s really not all that complicated just some basic facts to keep in mind as you rock your weave. Ask me any questions you may want to know or let me know which topic you would like to see me discuss in more details.

Peace and Love!


Author: Vicky

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  1. I am thinking about getting a sew in, but I want a closure since I have natural hair. I want to know how many bundles I would need, not including the closure.

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  2. Hey , this is my first time purchasing weave. I want to know getting a 24 26 26 inch , will it be enough for a partial?? I have long hair already but I just wanna make sure it’s enough. Or should I get a 22 24 26 inch? I just don’t want the 26 to look think In the back. Can anybody please help me? Please.

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  3. hey so i’ve never had a weave before, only had clip ins which i love but am so tired of taking out and putting in daily, i have naturally thin straight hair, can i get a curly haired weave and still have it blend in?

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  4. OK so I have realllly thick hair and I’m transitioning but the Alon had a mishap and bleached my whole head and I’m a blond….. I want weave to keep the breakage from happening but idk what I should do.

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  5. Hi, this is would be my first time getting a sew in and I would like to know how many bundles would I need to get to do a middle part: 2 or 3? & if I did get 2 bundles would that be enough?

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    • The part really doesn’t have an effect on how many bundles you would need. But as far as how many, it would depend on the fullness you want and the length of the weave. you could probably get away with using two bundles in a shorter length: 10,12,14, maybe 16. Longer than that, you will need more

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  6. I bought some hair, but I think it might not be enough because I only got four packs 14 inches,16inches,18inches,20inches, and 14inch closure all weight 60 grams and it’s Malaysian hair. Also the closure is a bit lighter then the bundles. I don’t know what to do. Help please!

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  7. Hi I am wondering if you could help me I got a sew in weave but it is falling out after just 1 day is this meant to happen is there a way i could fix this I was quoted £120 for a full sew in weave but what I got was very different I got 3 rows but it was not cornrows he did my hair with wool it was not cut or styled I would like some help before a go back to the shop as i can’t even put my hair in a pony or anything as the weave actually lifts of my scalp at the back it is so loose I can put my fingers through it it is really bad but am hoping you can help me.

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    • Yes as a person myself that use to wear hair extensions that’s not supposed to happen that means you had a bad hairstylists that did not know what they were doing it’s different if it were bonded because I had it bonded before and it was falling out like in two days

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  8. How do you take an installed partial weave from 1b to a brown? Thanks. :-)

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  10. how do i keep my hair bonded on side burn ,,arrrgggghh everyother part is lovely..keeping coming unglued

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  11. What are the names of a good distributor(s) that I can purchase several wholesale bundles from?

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  12. can i have a weave only on the lowest part of my head? coz that part of my air got damaged by bleaching and i just wanna cut the bleached part and let it grow but still i dont want my hair to shrink. pls answer. pls

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  13. Does 4 pieces/lots mean 4 bundles

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  14. I am planning on going travelling to thailand and want to get a weave because i have naturally curly hair. want to get a weave so i can tame it to just be beach wavey instead. is this possible or will my hair still be really curly with the weave? or is it just the top of my hair that would be wavy?

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  15. do 4 pieces mean 4 bundles when buying weave?

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    • Yes, if you’re ordering online they will charge you per bundle. I would only recommend buying 4 bundles if you’re planning on getting long hair ( 22 in or longer).

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  16. If you get too many onces put in your hair how do I go about taking a few tracks out?? Can I take tracks out without messing up the whole weave?

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  17. I have a full sew-in weave and this is my first time getting a weave. I just want to know if you can pin it back in a bun or in a ponytail without people seeing your tracks?

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    • If you mean from the current hair color to a darker color then yes, but if you mean from the current color to a lighter color (bleaching) then yes but only on virgin or unprocessed hair.

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    • You can dye a weave but I would not recommend doing it on synthetic hair.

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  18. So I just got a full sewn in weave on January 24, 2013 and really like how it looked and how the hairstylist styled it, but later on the same day and until now, I have been experiencing an awful and unbearable itchy scalp and no one seem to know the best way to cure it. I am considering taking it out because I don’t know if I can stand it any longer, unfortunately I paid a lot of money to get it done and this was my first time. I got it to give my own hair a break from kinky twists and hoping that my own hair would grow out more. Anyway, hoping someone can give me the best and effective response to my very itchy and annoying situation! Thanks!

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    • Hey Marianne,

      I too experience a lot of itching after having my weave installed. What worked for me was to do an apple cider vinegar rinse. Afterwards, I mixed eucalyptus oil (3-4 drops) and olive oil together and put it on my scalp. It has a strong smell for the first day so I would suggest doing it on a Friday night or Saturday. Odor will fade after a day or 2 and your scalp will feel MUCH better.

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      • Hi Tata,

        I was just wondering if you’re doing this before installing the weaves.


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  19. How many “pieces” equal a pack of weave?

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  20. Good info but can I do a sew in so i can get to my hair for washing & moisturing but with full coverage protection not leaving any part out instead of a wig is that possible & can u post a link to a tutorial to a medium style of one If it is possible

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