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Wearing our hair in one style for an extended period of time can cause us to become bored with our hair.  It can also be a source of frustration if the reason our natural hair in one style is because we don’t know how to style our natural hair any other way.  The opportunity for experimentation with our hair comes during these periods of distress.  Weaves and synthetic wigs are a great way to switch up your hair style.

So why purchase a synthetic wig?  Synthetic wigs are usually less expensive than a human hair wig.  Some of them can be curled and styled with a curling iron while most others cannot.  Normally, more is paid for wigs that can tolerate the use of heat without damaging the hair.  Wigs generally come with 20-30% more hair than what is actually needed.  This may be to help the wig last longer, since most usually shed a little hair over time with repeated use. Some of them can be curled and styled with a curling iron while most others cannot. [pullquote_right]Synthetic wigs are usually less expensive than a human hair wig.[/pullquote_right]

The cap of the wig is the base underneath the wig that is attached to the hair.    It is important to note, however, that there are different types of wig caps.  On the majority of synthetic wigs, the hair is sewn or attached to a weft on the wig cap.  The tips provided are for a standard cap wig.  Synthetic wigs can be purchased in a variety of colors and styles.  From long to short and black to blonde, wigs offer a way to change our natural hair color and style, while keeping our own natural hair the same.  One of the most important things to remember when choosing to wear one is to make sure we care for our own natural hair.  Often times, women wear wigs and may get a little lax on the care of their own hair.  They may think they are protecting their hair because they are not wearing it out, which in one aspect is true, but then they don’t wash it as often, keep it moisturized, or use any type of “under the wig” hair care products to nurture their hair.
Aside from caring for our natural hair, the synthetic wigs we wear need to be cared for properly to help them last longer.  The following are some tips for caring for a synthetic wig:
1.     Use only synthetic wig care products to wash and care for your wig.
2.    Comb through the wig starting from the ends and work your way up to detangle the hair.
3.    Fill a large bowl or sink with water and a small amount of shampoo.

4.    Submerge the wig in the water and swish it back and forth, very gently, to remove any dirt, debris, and odor from the hair.
5.    Remove from the water and gently squeeze the shampoo from the hair.  Be careful not to wring the water out of the hair.
6.    Hold the wig under the faucet to thoroughly rinse the shampoo from the hair.

7.    To condition the hair, repeat steps 3 through 6 for the conditioning process.
8.    Towel blot the hair to remove any excess water from the hair.
9.    Lay the wig flat to dry.
10.    Style the hair once it is dry.  (It is not a good idea to comb through a synthetic wig while it is wet.)

Author: Nicolle

Nicolle is a hair enthusiast that has always enjoyed reading hair care books and Black hair style magazines and likes to stay informed on the latest fashion trends. She has been natural for several years and loves the versatility of natural hair.

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  1. I just started using dish washer detergent and fabric softner on my synthetic hair and it actually works.Save your money buying wig shampoo.

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  2. yes thank you so much for your share and you can get more articles on hair care

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