Thinking About Getting Your First Weave?

Weave wearing used to be a big faux pas especially for women of color because the assumption was that you needed extensions to supplement what you didn’t have.  Well, it is 2013 and things are entirely different now!  Ladies with beautiful healthy hair wear weaves regularly whether it is for convenience, cost, adding volume, length, color, glamor, or to simply achieve a different look.  That being said there are still a lot of women who have never ventured into the world of weave and to YOU, as a weave regular, I say welcome!  If you are thinking about getting your first weave there are some things to consider.

thinking about getting your first weave

Determine Your Budget:

You can spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a weave, but that isn’t necessary nor is it always better.  Sometimes first time weave wearers believe that dropping a bundle on the hair and/or stylist will guarantee amazing results – but if you don’t know what you want or how to detect quality hair, then nothing could be further from the truth.

Human versus Synthetic Hair:

Human hair is an investment.  Obviously it is the most realistic and also is the longest wearing type of hair.  However, if it is your first time wearing a weave, there are other options that may suit you better than splurging on a couple of bundles of human hair.  Protein hair such as the Vivica Fox Hair Wink Collection is a special blend of synthetic hair that has been fortified with protein so it can withstand heat styling and has a more human-haired look.[pullquote_right]Human hair is an investment.  Obviously it is the most realistic and also is the longest wearing type of hair.[/pullquote_right]This type of hair will cost no more than $20 per pack and is perfect for a weave “test run” – wear it for a couple of weeks, learn how to maintain your hair in a weave and get a feel for how your scalp can tolerate your hair being braided and sewn onto.  I’ve had friends who spent $300+ on hair and $150 on a weave installation only to realize about a week in that they hated not being able to reach their scalp or didn’t know how to care for the luxurious hair they choose. They ended up either miserable for the next 6-7 weeks with a bird’s nest on their head OR removed it almost immediately – essentially wasting their money.  If you have done your research on which hair would best suit you and how to care for quality human hair extensions as well as have a good stylist or even a friend who can advice you on maintenance, then human hair is a great choice as there really are some amazing brands that offer tangle and shed free extensions.

Protect the extensions:

Too often first time weave wearers think extensions are a maintenance free hairstyle and go rouge, forgetting all hair requires care.  Regular washing and conditioning extends the life of the hair and helps it to stay lustrous for daily wear.  Sleeping on silk or satin prevents frizz and helps preserve the style.  Longer lengths may require twisting or braiding at night to prevent tangling which can lead to matting and shedding.   Weave wearing is fun, but you do need to protect your investment!

Don’t neglect your real hair:

Weaves are a great protective style and can even help you to grow your hair long provided you continue with a healthy hair regimen while your hair is hidden.  Between cleansing sessions keep your hair moisturized by applying a leave-in conditioner between the tracks.  Wear the weave no longer than 8-10 weeks max to prevent matting and breakage.

thinking about getting your first weave

Weave wearing really can be a lot of fun and a stress free hairstyle and I hope you found these tips helpful. Let us know what you think.

Author: EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess is a Staff Writer for BHM She is a self-proclaimed hair enthusiast with a love of all things hair as long as keeping it healthy is the #1 priority. Along with informative articles, Ebony shares hairstyles, tutorials, the latest on celebrity hair trends, and much more!

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  1. Very Well Said to the first comment about high Quality Hair Care & Maintenance.The Company that we purchase our hair from is and there hair is Phenomenal, they sell retail and wholesale, but my point is they inform all of there buyers on how to care for the hair, and recommend really great products that we also recommend to our clients.Which is very important information to keep that hair beautiful and live.

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  2. that is correct. even if you buy high quality hair,it will not last long without good care.

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  3. I have been wearing weainstallves off and on for some time. I usually do it myself, thou not a full head because I just don’t have the talent for it not to look too “weavey.” Currently I wearing about five tracks to give myself a break from the relaxer while I repair some damage. I wash my hair weekly and have been taking care of my leave-out with moisturizing and sealing. I should mention that I am new to my HHJ and I’m learning so much. I have been wearing the hair in a bun since.

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  4. Adonis Virgin Hair is a premium hair company that specialize and supply 100% Virgin Hair products.
    Virgin Hair last 12 months or more with proper care
    Very low maintenance hair
    Can be treated as your own hair ~ washed*dyed*hot curled*bleached* etc.
    Minimal to No Shedding ~ No tangles ~ No matting
    Machine- made weft in bundles of approx. 3.5oz.
    We recommend that you seal your weft for longer wear
    Comes in Natural Browns Color and may very depending on donor

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  5. I love the first comment. ‘You can spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands.’ A lot of people think he more expensive the better but it’s important to do your research about the type of hair and the stylist who is going to do it. Just because it’s good quality hair does not mean that the stylist will be able to handle it either.

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    • Absolutely correct! Just because the quality of the hair is good, doesnt mean it is going to stay that way forever. It needs proper maintenance and care.

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