Weave or Natural? Which Does Your Man Prefer?

Weave or Natural?  Which Does Your Man Prefer?Can you tell the difference between a weave and non weave-wearing woman?   Maybe not if you’re a guy, but probably so if you’re a living, breathing, female.   You can lace it front, back and in between but women have become connoisseurs on the world of weave.   At the end of the day, however, not only do women seek to impress each other, but also their male counterparts.

Scientists agree that men have a biological inclination to feminine characteristics.   Among fertility and other aesthetic feminine traits is a general love for long, flowing locks.   The hair industry has tapped into this lust for locks and has made it into a goldmine.

But what do men really think?   I took to Facebook and Twitter recently to poll guys on which they prefer- weave or natural?   Most guys responded that they prefer natural if possible, but won’t argue with a weave wearing woman.   Some felt strongly that a woman should wear her natural hair at all times, and others were indifferent.   Overall it was shockingly split down the middle.   Thanks guys!   That helps us out a lot.

What I really need to know is- Is it a deal breaker?   I’ve heard some men bash weave, lacefronts, wigs etc. but turn around and say how “Bad” Beyonce and Meagan Good are.   Hmmm…I guess their hair just grows real fast.   Don’t be fooled fellas. [pullquote_right]Some of the “baddest” chicks in the game are rocking those same lace fronts you tirelessly tease.[/pullquote_right]

Please note that “bald head scallywags” are not the only people who wear fake hair.   Black, white, red, purple, and women of all races, backgrounds, and hair types wear weave.   I have friends with mid back length hair that wear wigs, tracks, etc. for fun and to switch things up every now and then.

Take myself for example.   I have a good amount of natural hair that can take me 3-4 hours to wash, condition, and flat iron.   I love my hair and I wear it every chance I get, but can you imagine?   Working out, running through the rain, and even dancing can become treacherous endeavors.   I’ll be unbeweaveable every now and then to keep my sanity.

3cAt the end of the day I believe a female should focus on the hairstyle that makes her happy and best expresses her style, personality, and creativity.   If a man will change his tune over a piece of hair, he’s more than likely not for you.   While cliché’, relationships should be based on love, common interests, and trust….not how many inches of virgin Remy you can or cannot fit on your head.   If you were to develop cancer, alopecia, or have a tragic hair disaster, would he still be there for you?

So what is your take as a male? Are weaves unnatural, unnecessary, and unattractive?   Or can they be done with taste and tact?   Would you date a woman who wore fake hair or is it a deal breaker?

Females how do you feel about being judged and objectified for a hairstyle?   It seems that other cultures don’t judge their females as meticulously as we do.   Is it a valid debate or are we losing for loving long locks?

Author: Ciara Foster

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  1. In my experience men like the natural hair best. in my past relationships they loved pulling, touching, and even SMELLING my natural hair. Me being natural was something they bragged about to their friends. Something that made me unique and different from any other women they dated. on occasion when I did wear weave they said it looked nice but the enthusiasm wasnt there. One went as far to ask me why do black women want hair like white women? I laughed and told him thats a 5 hour conversation were not about to have.

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  2. Nice article.
    I do not think the man’s opinion should count, but obviously if he hates it, you are going to hate it. I wrote about this on my blog just examining boy’s reactions to weaves.
    Just asked husband what he prefers and her mmm whatever you like really as long as you don’t do it and moan about it!

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  3. I loved this article! Even though I do not wear weave often I think it is an enhancement or to switch up your look.

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  4. They all prefer it natural but they aren’t the ones that have to spend 2 hours washing, drying, and flat ironing it so I don’t really care what they want! It’s all about me!

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  5. Hi ladies,

    I would really appreciate your help; I have moved to Toronto a month ago and am in desperate need of finding a good, reliable place to get my extensions re-sewn. I made the mistake of trusting the word of one hairdresser when I arrived and she completely ruined my extensions (loose braid that is completely falling apart after not even a month, normally my sew-ins have stayed perfectly attached for 3 months, until they are grown out and need to be re-done for that reason). I really need to find a person that is capable of doing a small, unnoticeable braid and attaching the extension to it so that it wont start coming off. Thanks in advance for the expert advice!!

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  6. My husband doesn’t really care how my hair is done as long as it looks nice. I think sometimes he prefers something like braids or a natural looking hairstyle. For instance, I had a natural looking curly weave in that he really liked once. Even though it was a weave he liked the look because it looks like my natural hair when I don’t have a relaxer. I think the bottom like for any man is that his woman look nice, whether its a natural or a weave. If its about deal breakers with him then that’s one dude with a problem who will never find a woman if he’s hung up on petty stuff like that.

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  7. My husband is only concerned with whether my hair looks nice or not. Since being married 17 years, I have worn my hair natural, relaxed, and weaves and he has liked them all. I find that it is only OTHER BLACK WOMEN who have a problem with me wearing a weave or having permed hair. That only tells me that jealous and envy is involved . . .

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  8. They say they want natural but as soon as that remy comes out they start drooling.

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  9. My husband likes both my long weave and my short natural hair. Weave allows me to have the best of both worlds. Most men dnt like to be fooled by it, if asked be honest. If u flaunt it like it’s natural then it should be.

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