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There is a plethora of information provided by our member to help you with the decision making process, the installation process and maintenance of your weave install.  This section gives you insight on the different origins of hair available on the market. It also covers the grade of the hair along with the advantages and disadvantages of the hair of choice. We would like to take the time to thank a long time member SamoneLenior who has been a member since Oct 6, 2005.


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  1. As long as I go back for cleaning etc for my weave can I continue to wear it or do I need to give my hair a rest every now and then. Please advise.

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  2. I completely agree with ELLE I don’t have 10yrs experience but I am a grand daughter of hair stylist and the daughter of a hair stylist… And u ALWAYS get what u pay for!! I have seen some people charging 40$ for installations!!! Which is insane!!! There is NO WAY u are gonna get anything that looks worth something for that cheap a price!!!! Be smart ladies do some checking up on ur stylist.. Check out her portfolio

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  3. I hate to be so blunt… but sometimes, you get what you pay for!!! A stylist advertising $85 sew ins is not normally a good thing. I understand that these are difficult economic times, however ENOUGH is ENOUGH!! A stylist may put out an SPECIAL or INTRODUCTORY rate to entice new business or boost a slow day, but stylists who have bargain basement prices should be avoided. As a stylist, with 10 years of experience, I KNOW MY WORTH. I know the time, effort, and money I spent educating myself are worth more than that. I understand that clients want quality services, but most of the time QUALITY comes with a price!!! You can’t expect Filet Mignon service, with Skirt Steak money.
    I hope that everything works out with your hair. I would suggest going back to the stylist to have the weave thinned out if its too much hair, or redone if the braids are too thick. As far as the smell…the stylist can’t be held responsible unless they provided the hair with the service.

    I hope this was helpful, and that you find a glamor technician who can assist you in achieving your beauty goals.


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  4. Hi,
    I got a weave 2 days ago and paid 85 dollars but I hate it!!
    Its really bulky and it smells lke wet dog. Can I get a refund?

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    • I am sure you can just contact the vendor you got it from and explain your issues. Any reputable company has a decent exchange policy, either it be sending you new hair or refunding your money.

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