Weaves vs Extensions

Weaves and extensions are used by women of all ethnicity to enhance their natural hair.   Let’s break down the difference between a Weave and Extensions.

What is a Weave?

A weave iweave-vs-extensionss a term which refers to synthetic or human hair used to change the appearance of someone’s hair by adding hair to their natural hair.
Specifically, a weave refers to a style when someone’s entire hair is braided.  Once the braids are made, a needle is used to sew extensions of hair into the braids.   The extensions are sewn from one ear to another.  The weave last for 6 to 8 weeks.

The advantages of a hair weave are that they help in making the hair longer, add thickness to hair along with volume, and no chemicals or glues are used.  Weaves also give women the versatility to change their hair color without having to dye it.  Weaves are a great way to give your natural hair a break!

The disadvantage of a weave is if the braids are too tight, they may cause a headache, soreness of the scalp.


What are Extensions?

The hair extension method refers to synthetic or human hair being attached to the natural hair of a person with an adhesive, clip-ons, micro links or tape to lengthen the hair an add fullness.   Hair extensions are applied strand by strand to the natural hair.   It is a very time-consuming method as around 100-300 extensions are added to one person to make the hair look natural.   This application of hair is considered the most expensive due to the labor and time it consumes.

The advantages of extensions are that they help women with thinning hair and people who have short hair achieve a longer fuller head of hair.   Some disadvantages are if they have been glued on, it hurts to take them off and the glue can also damage your hair.

Points to Remember:

1. Most important difference is that all weaves are a type of hair extensions, but all extensions are not weaves.
2. Weaves are a particular type of style where the whole natural hair is braided and then a needle is used to sew hair extensions from one ear to another.   No glues or adhesives are used.    Extensions are a strand-by-strand application of synthetic hair or human hair to make the natural hair of a person longer and fuller.
3. Weaves and Extensions are Universal!

Author: Vicky

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  1. The only reason yall calling weave “ghetto” is because it’s known as a black girl thing. Get the fuck out of here. 😠

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  2. I personally love my Karmin Easy Clips 😉

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  3. My definition of the word weave vs hair extension. The word wave sounds ghetto and stupid and it depends on the clientele for which a hair stylist has.

    A hair extension is when you take human hair to a braided pattern with needle and thread and produce a hair extension which is referred to as a “Sew In”. that is my definition between the two words.

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    • No, that’s a weave. I think you meant to say “weave”. The definition you gave for hair extensions is the exact same description they gave for a weave. I think you have it backwards. This is the definition given right here on this page: “Specifically, a weave refers to a style when someone’s entire hair is braided. Once the braids are made, a needle is used to sew extensions of hair into the braids.

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    • I forgot to type in the closing quotes. Sorry.

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    • That is not hair extensions. Braiding your own hair into a tight pile on top of the head, then sewing wefts of hair in to braid. The wefts used are just hair, tied in the center. Extensions are already sewed and glued. You have to cut the hair into pieces to fit the part of your head you want to lengthen or make fuller. Furthermore, we do not hide our own hair with extensions. We blend it in. Weave is all weave. Covers all of the head, from ear to ear.

      Weave? what is the definition of WEAVE? a : to form (cloth) by interlacing strands (as of yarn); specifically : to make (cloth) on a loom by interlacing warp and filling threads
      b : to interlace (as threads) into cloth
      c : to make (as a basket) by intertwining

      Extension: a : a part constituting an addition
      b : a section or line segment forming an additional length
      c : an extra telephone connected to the principal line
      d : a length of natural or synthetic hair that is worn attached to one’s natural hair

      So the difference is obvious. Weaves completely cover ones own natural hair. SEWN int the hair being covered.
      Extensions are attached directly to a woman’s own hair. The hair is not tightly braided and rolled on top of the head. The hair is intermingled with one’s OWN hair.

      I don’t use Brazilian hair either. I order mine from the Ukraine. Most of the hair on the market is Asian. It’s been double processed and when you get it you have to wash it because it smells a bit. You cut the hair into pieces and glue or bond it onto the persons own hair.

      WEAVE WITH WEFT SEWN OVER THE NATURAL HAIR IS NOT EXTENSIONS. But go right ahead and say they’re the same.
      But they’re not. Not at all.

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  4. The difference between a weave and a hair extension is this:
    WEAVE-Sounds profoundly GHETTO

    HAIR EXTENSION- is when you add human hair to a braidedbpattern

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    • No, it isn’t. So stop being ridiculous. A weave is where the natural hair is braided and twisted onto the top of the head. The weave is then SEWN into the natural hair – from ear to hair, covering the entire head.

      Hair extensions are matched to the persons hair color and type of hair – straight curly – whatever. The hair doesn’t cover up the nature hair. It intermingles with it. Sometimes to make hair more full or longer. The natural hair is not hidden in a pile on top of the head. And is NOT SEWN into the hair. Bond – glue gun. Period.

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    • I would like to know your prices for a hair weave3239227909

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  5. thank you for that because the guys at my school be getting on my nerves about the difference but they don’t even know themselves well thank u soooooo much.

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  6. Yea a! We never sieze to learn..

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  7. Thank you for the Info I was kinda confused! When getting the extensions tho, are there more ways to apply them or no?

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