Where to Find the Best Synthetic Lace Wigs on the Web

wigLace wigs have notoriously gained their glamorous reputation from the world’s most admired super stars. Once considered a luxury item and off-limits to the everyday girl, lace wigs have evolved to be fashion forward as well as affordable. Black women all over the world are searching near and far for the perfect addition to their everyday accessorizing needs. I once was of the notion that the only type of women, who would wear a wig, was a Black woman who found her own natural hair a little less than appealing. However relaxed and naturals alike find that adding lace wigs to their everyday accessories is a quick and easy way to glam up a look while allowing the natural hair rest. Protective styling has come a long way from synthetic braids and cornrows. Black women the world over now enjoys the versatility and beauty of having limitless hair styling options at their fingertips.

Love it or Leave It!

I personally have an issue with “wiggy” looking hair and I will not wear a wig that looks like a wig.   Does that make sense?   Sure, it does because so many feel the same way as you and I do.   A lace wig should add beauty to the woman wearing it and make her feel stunning while she wears it.   When choosing a lace wig to purchase, I only choose the ones that I love.   If you don’t love it and just like it in the store, chances are you’re going to hate it later.   My preference lies with lace wigs that look natural in the sense that at first glance it appears to be my own naturally growing hair.   What’s the sense of wearing a wig that looks like one from a mile away?   Thinner temples, hairlines and more true-to-life Black hair texture is so much more realistic in appearance.

Finding the Best Lace Wigs on the Net

Human or Synthetic?

For someone like me who likes to change up styles every other week, synthetic wigs are definitely more cost efficient and now come in heat resistant Futura fibers.   Awesome!   You can flat iron or curl it as long as your heat styling doesn’t exceed 400 degrees.   I’m not saying to ditch the human hair, but if your preference is human then by all means go for it!   However, human hair wigs can be quite costly and not all are created equal.   Personally, I’d rather purchasing a $25.00 wig on the web that looks crazy and ridiculous because I couldn’t try it on before buying, rather than buying a $500.00 wig with the same problem. Bottom line is, synthetic lace wigs are dispensable, and even if you hate it later, you didn’t break the bank to buy it. As I stated previously, lace wigs have come a long way and have evolved from a last minute resort to a seasonal must-have.

Reviews are Vital

I have scoured the web in search for the perfect lace wigs and have stumbled across interesting reviews and websites.   For some crazy reason the wig almost never looks the same when you receive it as it does in the photos.   This pendulum can swing both ways, if you know what I mean.   It can sometime, although very rarely be a good thing, or it can be a horrible thing.   Me, I like to see my wig in real-time! I want to see how it moves, how it shapes, and how thin or dense it is.   There are a few good channels on YouTube from Black women that rate and review lace wigs. PhillyzJamPoet on YouTube has an awesome channel with 286 lace wig review videos loaded. I like her because she is very humorous and honest in her reviews and you can find most wigs you are interested in buying reviewed on her channel.   Muffinismylovers is another great lace wig reviewer and I find her to be more down to the point.   If she does not like it, she will let you know.   I love these women because they are very meticulous when it comes to the wig’s specifications.

Where to Find the Best Lace Wigs on the NetBest Places to Buy

If you don’t know about VixenLaceWigs, the you are in for a rather sweet surprise!   Vixen Lace Wigs selection of pre-styled wigs have completely floored me.   The pieces are gorgeous and are styled to perfection.   I am still amazed at how natural they look. My preference lies in curly lace wigs, as I like my wigs to look as natural as possible.   There is a unit called “Ebony” by Vixen that I will sell my first born to purchase if I had to!   No, I’m kidding!   It’s a curly unit that is color 1B with #30 highlights.   It looks like my hair and the best part is that is under $40!   Some other great online stores include Hair Sisters, Sam’s Beauty, Ebonyline, and Hair Wig Harlem.


Author: Kendra Turnquest

I am a freelance writer, photographer and graphic artist hailing from the fabulous islands of The Bahamas. I love all things beauty and mostly I love having the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge and convey it to my readers in a fun way that they enjoy reading while being informed. I am also a makeup artist and I do plan to share a few of my video tutorials on Black Hair Media as well. I do thank you for reading and please do come back soon.

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  1. Sorry. I meant lhboutique.com.

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  2. Why are these terrible websites listed? Please rewrite this article and cite black-owned websites such as boutique.com.

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  3. One of the reasons I started designing synthetic lace wigs was because of the mono front wigs the beauty shops are selling as lace fronts with the unrealistic thunder kats hairline after for 4 yrs we now have 21 styles with upto 40 different colours in Blonde Exclusive Designs Synthetic Hair Lace fronts About
    Shop with confidence knowing that Bonafide Originals Lace Wigs utilizes the highest-quality human and synthetic hair, the most innovative designs.Be assured that Bonafide Originals Lace Wigs only uses actual images of our lace wigs and products.We never use Celebrity’s unless they have endorsed or brought our lace wigs

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  4. I have for the longest done my research about vixen lace wigs on youtube and fb i heard a lot of good and bad things on youtube but the good were mostly sent those wigs you went on Vixens facebook page and I seen nothing but customers complain about never getting their units 🙁

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    • That’s terribly unfortunate that the service is as bad as other customers say it is because their units are gorgeous. Well I do hope they work on that problem.

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  5. Monica, I know exactly what you mean. I too have had the very unfortunate encounter with hard, tight, scratchy and uncomfortable lace wigs. I have heard of Younique Lace Wigs but I have never tried them, but I definitely will and I will post a review as soon as I do. Thanks for the recommendation!

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  6. I’ve come across some HORRIBLE synthetic wigs from the beauty supply. I’m talking about hard lace and horrible hair quality. I’ve yet to find a nice synthetic wig local but I hear good things about Younique Lace Wigs.

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  7. Theres a new site with tons of wig options that women will find appealing. 11Eleven Beauty carries a wide variety of human, synthetic, and remy lacefront wigs at affordable prices

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  8. @Janet, Wow, i’m really surprised to hear that. When I purchased they were very helpful and quick. In fact, the only problem that I had initially was with checking out with PayPal but they fixed it. They have very good quality wigs and I hope that one bad experience doesn’t be a deterrent for future purchases.

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  9. Too bad Vixen Lace Wigs has the worst customer service possible. I’ll never purchase from them again.

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  10. This article put VixenLaceWigs on my wish list.

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