Why Virgin Hair Is Not Always Best

Indique Virgin Hair

I was wearing Indique Pure Virgin Hair

The latest craze in hair extensions is virgin hair.  Unprocessed, raw, and in its most natural form.  It began with India, went down to Brazil, crossed the ocean back to Malaysia and now you can get all kinds:  Russian, Peruvian, Chinese, Burmese and more.  While this hair certainly is gorgeous, as someone who has worn premium hair extensions (non-beauty supply store brands) for about ten years, I am finding that virgin hair is not always the best fit for me.

I bought into the craze, purchasing a few different brands of virgin hair – my favorite of which is the Pure line from Indique (virgin Indian hair).  Initially I was in love with the natural body wave of my Indique Pure Straight.

I adored the natural luster of the hair – not too shiny, not too dull.  I appreciated its natural dark brown color – I can’t be the only one who feels that 1b is sometimes too dark but color number 2 is often too light.  I loved the fact that tangles were non-existent.  Then I began attempting to style the hair.   I curled with a flat iron, with a curling iron, with hot rollers, with Caruso  steam rollers all with the same results.  The hair always had fly aways and never held a curl for very long.  As I flat ironed the hair, I noticed that while my real hair did blend extremely well with the Indian hair as far as color, my hair was more coarse than the fine Indian strands.   I hated the way the hair expanded in the rain and humid weather because my relaxed hair would just lay lifelessly on top of the extensions.

While I do think my virgin hair purchase was worth every single penny and I do still love virgin hair, I plan to return to processed hair with my next sew in.  Virgin hair is not the only high end hari on the market – in fact Indique sells a beautiful relaxed texture called Bounce Relaxed that looks as if it would blend with my hair perfectly, I can almost guarantee that it will hold a curl and behave similar to my own hair.  I know what you are thinking…you have natural hair and are thinking virgin hair may still be best for you right?

EbonyCPrincess Indique Hair

My Indique Virgin Hair Curled

Well, maybe.  The problem with virgin hair is that it is unpredictable.  Because it is not processed for color nor texture, each bundle you receive could be different.  You may receive the perfect curl pattern to match your own with one purchase, but with the next it could be much looser.  Sometimes the hair color matches yours exactly, other times it may be markedly off.  Virgin hair is gathered directly from the head of the grower without alteration so for the most consistent purchases, processed hair may be a better option.

I’m not saying I will never wear virgin hair again, that is simply untrue.  However, with the explosion of companies offering virgin hair, I think many ladies are under the impression that it is the best hair on the market and processed hair automatically means inferior.  Not true – the best quality hair vendors such as Indique offer the same quality in their hair and wefting regardless of the texture.  Virgin and processed hair both have a place in the land of hair extensions.

Author: EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess is a Staff Writer for BHM She is a self-proclaimed hair enthusiast with a love of all things hair as long as keeping it healthy is the #1 priority. Along with informative articles, Ebony shares hairstyles, tutorials, the latest on celebrity hair trends, and much more!

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  1. I personally have tried indique hair and it’s the worse hair i ever seen in my life. They have a store here in Dallas.

    However I do agree with you. I am currently wearing DHair Boutique virgin hair and yes it is every but of unpredictable and it doesn’t hold a curl good. The humidity also makes it poof up.

    That being said, the appeal of raw hair is that it looks way better. Hair that has been chemically processed does not withstand the chemical processes as well as raw hair. Also as someone mentioned the curl patterns sometimes last maybe 1 or 2 months. However with raw hair i have bleached my hair twice and my Burmese is still curly. Chinese hair will not do that. Chinese hair also tends to get stringy after bleaching. The artificial curls look truly artificial.

    My advice if you don’t plan on coloring the hair then ali express hair may work for you. However if you plan on altering the color in any way or suggest you stick to raw hair and just find products to help manage the true unpredictability of raw hair.

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  2. I will admit it can be unpredictable, but would you admit it’s better at least health wise to go the virgin route?


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  3. Hi everyone, I’m new here and have a question I hope you can help me with…
    I understand virgin hair means hair that hasn’t been processed in any form or fashion and Remy means its cutically intact hair (all going in one direction, roots one end, tips the other, right?) and would be from a single donor. So what exactly does NON Remy Virgin hair imply? I read this as unprocessed (hence virgin) hair but with as its NON remy, the cuticals are going in different directions? This would suggest the hair is prone to tangling and/or shedding? Am I right? Has anyone purchased a unit that is non remy virgin or hair of this kind? What was the quality like after several washes and how did it behave?? Thanks for reading and any comments left 🙂

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    • Hi you guys i bought virgin brazilian body wave hair a couple months ago and ive been trying to find different ways to flat iron it but it wont seem to flat iron idk if its the kind of flat irons im using or what, but my question is will my hair be able to ever straight.. i know next time to get processed hair becuase i love straight hair , the person that i purchased the hair from got my order mixed but i asked for philippino straight hair . money spent for nothing 🙁

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    • Non-Remy virgin is Virign hair that isn’t cutically aligned,so it’s more prone to tangling and its the most inexpensive hair on the market because manufactures can purchase this lost cost hair and then chemically strip the hair and process it to a variety of hair textures. Mainly it’s most of the hair you find in the beauty store

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  4. i`m so sorry , but i just don`t know ,what `s mean or what is the virgin hair ?

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  5. Thanks for your article. I trust every word of your experience cause I have seen my sister used to have the same complaint about the virgin unprocessed hair. I have also seen that my sister used hair serum products whenever she wanted to style it with flat iron. I guess you should try on natural hair serum product with your flat iron.

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  6. What is the difference between Remy hair and Virgin hair?

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    • remy hair is processed

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    • India – Virgin Hair extensions are made from 14 – 18 year old hair donors.
      Virgin hairs are not processed with chemicals / synthetics.
      This is also know as cuticle hairs.

      My rate to this post is 5/5.
      This virgin hair set suits to your head..Ebonycprincess

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    • Remy simply means that the cuticle layers of each strand are are laying in the same direction therefore they will not tangle. This is the way our hair grows from the scalp so not all Remy is processed. BSS remy is normally processed meaning that the cuticle layer has been removed using chemicals and replaced with silicone.

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  7. Your post is really good. I give you five star!

    The wig is beautiful! I love it

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  8. hi, thanks for your post but please what do you mean by processed hair, i know for sure Virgin is kinda dry and flies, but is processed hair the one that has curl pattern, bounces sort off and has sleek butter look and feel? if it is please does anyone know what is used to treat it to look that way. I hear keratin treatment but i don’t know if its true.

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    • @LOPPIE : Not all hair with curls are processed, but some is. There is a difference between RAW hair and just regular VIRGIN hair. Raw hair is hair that is straight from the donors, the only processing that it has been through is hackling (making sure there are no lice or nits). Virgin hair on thee other hand sometimes go through steam processing which is how you get Body wave, Deep wave, Deep curl, etc. The steam processing doesnt mean the hair has been chemically processed but it just means the hair isnt in its rawest form. ALSO steam processed wavy patterns and curls dont last as long as Raw waves and curly. Hope this helped a little 🙂

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  9. Great article. As a newcomer to the hair industry, I will be visiting this section often.
    I am in a “learning curve” as I become a certified hair consultant with Micore Intl.
    I have known about hair extension i.e weaves in very “off hand” way. Usually on “supply economic” side LOL. Now As I learn more about this business I am coming to understand it is a “science” in its own rights. Looking forward to learning a lot more

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