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Choosing the Right Weave


Posted March 17, 2012 by


kay, so the very first time I was preparing to get my sew-in I was so excited.  I went to the beauty supply and I was blown away by the selection, the different brands, textures, colors, styles, and prices!  A pack of hair can range from as low as $7.99 to $99.00 (sometimes lower, sometimes higher).  You can buy synthetic hair, 100% human hair, or Remy hair.   So, how do you know what hair is right for you?

outre-premium-indian-gentle-sea-wave-weaving-hairTake into consideration the style you want. Do you want to wear the hair straight most of the time? (If so, don’t get curly hair).  Do you want hair that you can wear straight and curl?  (You wouldn’t want to buy synthetic hair because usually, you can’t curl it.)  If you want something that gets wavy when wet then you’ll want to buy wet and wavy hair.  Do you want it long or short? (The desired length determines how many inches you buy.)  10-12 inches is about shoulder length on most people.

What is your hair type?  If you plan on leaving some of your hair out and blending it with the weave, that may determine what type of hair you get as well.  Don’t get silky – silky hair if you have type 4Z hair (like me) because it’s going to be a pain to blend.  You’ll end up flat ironing your hair everyday and damaging your hair.  You also want to get a color that is the same color as your hair.  If your hair is black don’t get blonde weave because I guarantee, you will look a mess.  However, if you are getting a closure or a full weave then the texture and color won’t matter.

What is your price range?  That’s easy…how much money are you willing to spend?  In general, you get what you pay for so the more you spend, the better quality.   However, I have had hair I paid $14.99 for that was better than hair I had spent $49.99 on.  Your best bet is to get on a hair forum and ask the ladies about different brands they have used.  Use Google product reviews and see what you can find as well.

How long do you want it to last?  Are you just looking for a cute curly style that you are going to wear a few weeks?  If so, you’d do well to get a pack of Freetress synthetic weave.   It costs about 10 bucks a pack.    If you are looking for something long term you may want to buy 100% human hair or even remy hair if you want it to last even longer.

Very quickly I’ll tell you the difference between Remy and non Remy hair.   Remy hair is collected from a donor (think Chris Rocks “Good Hair” movie and his trip to India.)   The cuticles are not stripped and therefore are aligned in one direction.  That is the difference between hair that stays smooth and lasts, and hair that is on top of your head looking like a bird’s nest after a week.

If you plan on wearing your weave a while and you want it to last through multiple installs you are going to want to go with a higher quality Remy hair from a reputable vendor.  Yes, it’s much more expensive but if all the above qualifications are yours, then this is the route you want to go.   I’ll use myself as an example.   I wrote an article “Yes I wear a weave, it’s called protective styling”.   I knew that I wanted to use weave as a protective style to help grow my hair out.  For me, that means wearing my weave for at least 2 months at a time and giving my hair a 1 – month break in between.  That would mean in a year’s time I would get my weave installed 4 times.

If I buy from the beauty supply each time and spend $25 a pack for hair, (I usually buy 2 packs), I’ve spent $200 by the year’s end.  However, because I knew I would be getting weaves I chose to buy Remy hair that would last.  I spent 200 bucks on hair but I’ve already worn it 3 times and it’s still good.  I am positive I can get 3 more wears out of it because I take care of it.

When you buy good quality Remy hair you’ll be better able to take care of your own hair underneath.

You can wash, condition, and curl it just like you would your own hair.  You don’t have to worry about messing the weave up when you want to wash or moisturize you hair underneath.

Hopefully, this has helped you in your quest for the perfect weave.  Choose what seems right for you.

Ava Blalark

Wife, mother, writer, lover of all things hair and beauty. I may not be young but I am coming into my own, learning to love me from the inside out. I am on a journey to become a better person…inside and out. Come along and enjoy the ride! I'm lovin' me and you love you.



    i want to get some good weave that looks like my hair. I know that I am suppose to find my hair color and the texture, but I want this weave to last me a good 2 months a least. I take care of my weave, but I want to know what kind of weave is the best weave. I want a curly type, around 18 inches and I dont want to spend anything over 30 dollars. Any help?


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    Chanel B

    PLEASE HELP ME! My best friend’s wedding is in a week and I want this soft updo that includes a braid. Idk if I should get a full head or just pieces…also I have no idea whatsoever about what kind of hair to get. I don’t need it to last more than maybe a month. Any responses are greatly appreciated….I wish I can show u guys a pic of the style!!


    What is an expensive but decent quality weave to use to cut? This will be my first weave, and I want it cut into a cute bob. I don’t want to spend an arm and leg for hair that’s going to be cut above my shoulders. Also, for this, should I do a sew in or quick weave?

    ta vey

    I have a synthetic wig. When I step outside or run an errand and come back home, I notice that my wig smells just like outside. Do you know any way to prevent this from happening or toning it down?


    I plan on getting a sew on very soon it would be my first one and I want high quality, thats going to last two months and I want it to wear I can wear it straight or curly and about a 14 or 16 in. What brand should I get.? I have no price range..


      Try tishslovelylocks i like her hair it looks natural thats what i like her website is


    I have been using Tishs lovely locks in Philly and her hair has not shed, does not tangle i sealed my wefts and i may have had 2-3 strands the most. I love it I’ve had this hair for about 6 months now. I was her first client when she started off and I love it her website is her instagram name is tishslovelylocks


    Hello, I stumbled across this website in hopes of finding some different inspirational ideas on how to style my new sew-in. I purchased divine remy silky straight, the curls have been in still, and it will be a week on friday that I’ve had this done. My question to any one out there, what are some different styles I can do with this? Can I wet it and go, or did I get the wrong hair for that. Any ideas please, so far I am really pleased with it.



    I too made the transition from beauty supply store hair to Remy hair. I saw how much money I was spending getting my weaves re-installed after only a few weeks because the hair was DONE. I spent a bigger chunk up front but I wore that same hair over and over for a whole year and the last time I used it, I had my stylist dye it and it still didnt look or feel like it was in bad condition. I saw that Cynthia from the Real Housewives of Atlanta had her own line of weave and that is the hair she wears on the show so I thought that would be the best way for me to not get duped out of my money. She is a supermodel and she wears on national TV for all to see so I’m not just Google-ing hair and looking at pictures.


    What weaves do you recommend for hair to be worn 2-3 months. Also is a partial weave a better option if i play sports and would like to wear my hair up? or full weave. Also do you have tips on how to care for hair before weave and while i have a weave. Lastly what lengths do you recommmend for long hair?


    you can get yaki or loose wave .
    meantime, we are hair factory from china. we have different textures , straight have weave, loose wave , body wave ,wavy, curl , yaki hair extension.
    length ranges from 10inch-36inch

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    Takayla w.

    i have really thick, really coarse black hair with a lil bit of brown in it and i want to get it dyed a deep red with bangs and really long and straight, but this is my first weave so how do i get that style, what kind do i use cause i love swimming, and how do i maintain it, please respond ty.


    I have come to the conclusion that hair texture is usually based on which company you are buying from, I have soft hair and i only apply relaxer twice a year to make more manageable with straight weaves, and i have been wearing virgin hair weaves now for 5 years, but last christmas, i was on vacation with my fiance in Nigeria, and i stumbled upon a hair company called Mallia Hair. I got their Malaysian straight, and i must say it is the best straight hair for me, not silky, not yaki coarse. I get perfect blending with this and never use a closure with this weave.


    I just want my side bangs long and like a purple color.I dont know what type of extentions will work for me, because when i straighten them as i go through the day they get frizzy and into a puff.someone help please?


    My hair is natural but extremely soft..I want to get a weave done but straight remy hair though. You said not to get silky there another type of remy I can get to achieve that look?


      I have had Perfect 10 Hair Company Malaysian straight hair and it is so natural! It’s one of the best Malaysian companies that I’ve found so far. The hair isn’t very silky and blends pretty well with my texture, which is coarse.

      Ava B

      You can always get Yaki hair. It’s not as silky but is supposed to mimic black hair. Or get a curl pattern that matches yours.


    Hey ladies check out the Eurasian hair by ovation. I been wearing it for almost a year now and I love it. It can b a bit pricey but its worth it cause u save money over time, because your not constantly buying new weave.


    Check out my youtube! I do reviews on hair!

    Wanda T.

    What kind of hair does the lady have in the photo? it’s just the style I’d like but just a bit shorter.

      Ke'Andra J.

      The woman in the picture is from the hair company called Outre…the company have different textures and wave patterns of their hair but i am not exactly sure what wave patter it is. I work in a BSS and have this poster! lol

      Ava B

      Unfortunately, I wrote the article but I didn’t choose the pic! But if it’s Outre it looks like the Euro Curl pattern. Thanks Ke’Andra J!

    denise carson

    I would love to join I am going natural and I need some help in getting me started. Thanks

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