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Weaves 101 – Acronyms


Posted November 13, 2011 by


hile you are in the Newbie Weave/Weave section you will come across some Acronyms, here are a list of the most common used by our members. We would like to thank our Member Tropical Punch who has been a member since Dec 3, 2008 for taking the time to create this post for all members who are new or who frequent the weave sections of BHM.


BoBraz – Bohyme Brazilian
BW – Body Wave
DW – Deep Wave
FBW- French Body Wave
FR – French Refined
IC – Italian Curly
IH – Indian Ha
IR – Indian Remy
JC – Jheri Curl
KC – Kinky Curly
KS – Kinky Straight
MRH – Miami Relaxed Hybrid
NC – Naturally Curl
SR – Salon Relaxed
VC-Virgin Curly
VIC – Virgin Indian Curly
VS – Virgin Straight
WW – Water Wave


AAMH – All About My Hair –
EP – Extensions Plus –
CGW – Curlz Gone Wild –
HB – Hairboutique –
HC – Halley’s Curly –
RHO – Real Hair Online
Wags – Wagmans –
HOA – Hair Addict Online –
MLH – My Luxe Hair –
SSH – Senghori Shells –


Common Forum Abbreviations

AV- American Vendor
CV – Chinese Vendor
IV – Indian Vendor
BTW -By the Way
FTP – For the People
FTW – For the Win
HTH – Hope This Helps
IA – I Agree
IMHO – In My Honest Opinion/ In My Humble Opinion
IMO- In My Opinion
ITA – I Totally Agree
LF – Lace Front
MT – Mega-Tek
TIA – Thanks In Advance
TTT – Talk Talk Talk (Section)


Common Hair Abbreviations

BSS – Beauty supply store
ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar
BSS – Beauty supply store
DC – Deep condition
EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil




MiamiU is a Platinum Member of the Talk Cafe (Forum) and a contributing writer to BHM.


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